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The Friday Chair Dancer (on a Monday!)

So – I forgot to publish this bad boy on Friday… My bad! But we picked some epic tunes this week so I thought I would hare it today anyway!

Anyway, lets get dancing people!

This week Cloe’s been having a right old chair dancing to…

Talamanca System – Balanzat (Tuff City Kids Remix)- Basically Ibiza in song format!

This is amazing tune that really sums up an Ibiza vibe for me. Imagine sitting out early in the morning after an amazing nice watching the sun rise over the mountains with a nice cold bottle of Estrella. Not sitting in the office getting my knickers in a twist. Please take me there now…

This week Vicky’s been chair swaying to…

Anyone who knows me well will attest to the fact that I love a bit of old skool easy listening. LAME! Yes I hear you, but there really is nothing lame about the tunes I’ve been bobbing my head to in work this week. Neil Young has featured heavily, but the undeniably brilliant, the one and only Bob Dylan has really been lifting my mood this week and the tune I’ve picked as my chair ‘swayer’ is really a cracker.

So get your cotch on and feel good whilst listening to the beautiful sounds of Bob Dylan’s ‘Day of the Locusts’.

This week Hannah’s been chair swaying to…

SRTW – We Were Young (Sascha Kloeber Remix)

Meg first sent me this track last month saying, ‘YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS’. She was NOT wrong and it has been on repeat ever since! It is just lush!

The underlay is almost dark and deep but the beautiful melody and vocal makes it truly euphoric.  I have not heard too much of Sascha Kloeber, but I am a massive fan of this! There has been a lot of appreciation amongst the DJ/Producer scene too, having nothing but positive reactions from the likes of giants Pete Tong, Martin Garrix, Gorgon City and Tiesta. Take it from us…This is so worth the 5 minutes.


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