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The Souk Kitchen – North Street

I have just moved south of the river! Shock, horror, I have actually left my little refuge at the top of the hill where I have always lived in my many years in Bristol. I finally branched out and moved somewhere else, Aston to be precise. In fact, if I am getting technical I have just bought a house with Lawrence there so there is nothing quite like jumping into the deep end but do you know what…. I bloody love it!

I always said, “I’m never going to be one of those people who says living south of the river is really awesome, because I have loved living in Clifton / Cotham,” however, I can eat my words because I was wrong! Living south of the river is amazing and I just love my new area and my new house! I am feeling like quite a lucky girl these days.

Anyway, enough south Bristol gushing let me tell you all about the lovely Souk Kitchen on North Street which officially only a five-minute walk from my new gaff.


A couple of Sunday lunchtimes ago we thought we would go for a little wander round our new local market at the Tobacco Factory and go and grab something to eat for lunch. Originally the plan was to just have a lush walk around and get something to eat there on the go. However, we got very much stuck into that indecisive trap when everything looks so nice you get slightly overwhelmed and eventually you choose nothing. This is when Lawrence came up with the genius idea of leaving the market and heading to the Souk Kitchen because its just over the road and because as I always bang on about how I much want to eat there.

So, in we went and got seated. I think we were rather lucky because a couple walked in after us and got turned away as they were fully booked. You know it’s going to be a good day when something like that happens!

Chefs Dips

Now, being a Sunday we have made ourselves quite a big breakfast, hence the heading to the market for a light lunch on the go. This meant that neither of us fancied anything too heavy, however, we could resist the flatbread and chef’s dips to share to start.


Food envy face / stop taking photos of everything face

We got served up two perfect flatbread which were still warm and wonderfully soft and three rather tasty dips. There was a carrot dip with pomegranate seeds, a lentil one with yogurt and a truly amazing white bean one with feta. All three were just sensational and I could have quite happily just eat them all. I think it might have even looked like we licked the plates clean when they came and collected them. Next time I must, must order the hummus because the people on the next table had it and it looks so good! (I did have a small bit of food envy and clearly so did Lawrence).


Next up we both went for the shakshuka. Shakshuka is basically poached eggs in a tomato sauce with peppers, onions and spices all served in a cast iron skillet pan. Lawrence added a merguez sausage to his that arrived in the middle of his perfect little individual skillet pan and I had mine with feta cheese that was delicately crumbled over the top. I would like to mention that they didn’t over feta which in my opinion was ace because it can be quite a strong flavour and they totally got the balance just right.  Both again were served with lovely hot and beautifully soft flatbreads! (It was a was a carby day all round!)



At the end of the meal, we asked the waitress if they offered any dairy-free dishes as we would like to bring someone with a dairy allergy. She didn’t just say yes, most of the dishes are because they mainly cook with olive oil, but she took the time to print off their menu and write next to each dish! Just a lovely touch from a lovely place!


I will certainly be going back for some dinner soon and to try more of their wonderful menu!

The Souk Kitchen can be found 277 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 1JP.


One comment on “The Souk Kitchen – North Street

  1. Heavenly and Raw
    October 11, 2015

    Big up south of the river – lovely food 🙂

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