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What we think is just nice this week…

Hot cider is ace isn’t it – in fact all kinds of Christmassy hot drinks are pretty ruddy tasty! I am a big fan of Winter Pimms at the moment – its a bit like the festive period in a glass. However, I do have to say  I am not feeling massively Christmassy yet. I mean, its only 1 week away now! Which is a little mental!

I think the reason for the non Christmassy vibe is because of the weather – its not cold and crisp enough! Now I’m not one to moan that its not cold enough, but at this time of year you think it should come with the territory!

I have really started to ramble now, so I’m going to get my act together and tell you all what little delights we have been finding just nice this week!

If your finding something this week that is ‘Just Nice’ let us know by tweeting @Its_Just_Nice or comment on our Facebook page! #itsjustnice

This week Cloe’s highlight is…

Everything Bagels!

I have become bagel obsessed in the last couple of weeks and it all started when I went to the Whiteladie’s Saturday Farmers Market and brought a dark chocolate and ginger bagel from the wonderful Everything Bagels. What a great decision that was, and what an amazingly tasty bagel it was! It was so tasty that last week I ordered 8 more from the lovely George and collected them from Bagel Boy!


Everything Bagel is Bagel Boy’s supplier and I believe they stock The Mall Deli in Clifton. They will also be back at the Whiteladie’s Road Market this Saturday I will certainly be going up there to collect 4 more tasty bagels which I have already ordered! I’m obsessed I know… But I’m telling you – these bagels are soooo worth it! Best bagels in Bristol, I think so!

Another top tip… Her cinnamon buns are like heaven in my mouth! Find out more on Twitter @everybagels 

This week Meg’s highlight is…

Ooooh we’re on a bit of a bagel tip this week! Inspired by Cloe’s bagel love in I’m going to dedicate my weekly shout out to Bagel Boy!

Bagel Boy have been kicking around for a little while in Bristol now, initially trading out of Elbow Rooms on Park Street. Recently they’ve rolled on down the hill (pun very much intended) and have set up shop on St Nicholas Street, in what *I think* was the old Tantric Jazz Cafe.

I popped a couple of Fridays ago to pick up lunch, and after getting over how lovely the little eat in cafe space is, I was left standing open mouthed at the sheer scale of the menu. Everything you could possibly want in a bagel, and then some!

I played it safe and opted for a classic Salt Beef, Gherkin and Mustard option and let me tell you this – Bagel Boy don’t mess around. Big portions, well filled, lots of sauce, and for all you branding nerds out there, they’ve got a good thing going with their rather cute branded take out boxes!


Washed down with a pint of cider in The Ruin and everyone’s a winner.

This week Vicky’s highlight is…

This week from me, it’s just nice to love a good old fashioned pair of Converse. In recent years they’ve been usurped as the trainer of choice by Vans as the staple, and if you’re uber cool, the Nike Air Max. For me, I’ve loved Vans long time. But as my time in Bristol dwindles and the open road approaches, I’ve been seduced by the older, wiser Converse high-top.

I had a dream (no not that kind) the other night and awoke desperately in need a pair of cream Converse high-tops. I’ve had dreams like this in the past, previously including a blue mottled leotard from American Apparel, and prior to that a ticket to Major Lazer at the O2 Academy (which led to Megala expressing herself on-stage), and they always turn over very very well when followed through. So, my heart was set on cream Converse high-tops (possibly spurred on by the Pinterest image I’d seen a few weeks prior) and I wouldn’t sleep until I had them.


I scoured the shops for these elusive trainers and found out they are only available in the USA….WHY??! After hours of failed internet stalking, I caved and decided I’d get a different colour (insert me crying into my backpack). However, being the irritatingly indecisive person I am this was a feat of epic proportions. So, when faced with the, oh I don’t know, 3000 other colour choices I turned to my fail safe, my little bro. Instructed with, ‘not too girly and not black’, I’ve sent him into the wilds to pick a colour for me. We’ll have to wait until Christmas day to see which I’ll be receiving but I can’t blooming wait. Long live Converse!


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