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Brunch 808: The Drum & Bass Edition

I love Bristol. I love Bristol, and the amazing people who reside within her and create amazing events for me to go and enjoy. One such wondrous occasion recently came knocking on my party door in the form of Foozie’s Brunch 808 : The Drum & Bass Edition.

Sounds pretty standard, for Bristol, drum & bass party – great. Now, set that party in the middle of a day, in a tea shop, with teapot cocktails and tasty cake stands of food – and there you have a Foozie party! These are the dudes who have brought us other greats such as; Hip Hop in a Chip Shop, Fancy Sesh (that’s a party in a fancy dress shop, with costumes) and bingo wings (Bristol lingo bingo with chicken wings). These guys are consistently creating unique events, we salute you brave event warriors.

Their Brunch 808 parties have been popular from their inception, each one focussing on a different musical genre. Now, drum & bass is about a Bristol as it comes so I was super excited to see this edition. I was even more excited to see that it was being hosted by tea and gin experts, Cox & Baloneys.

Cox & Baloney’s is the lovely tea shop and gin bar on Cheltenham Rd – not been yet? What are you doing! Their afternoon teas are insane, their loose leaf tea range incredible and their gin cocktails delicious and served in teapots – they’re basically your dreams in reality.


I’ll set the scene for you. I’ve got my hair in a vintage roll, fancy outfit on, but trainers so i’m ready to rave! I walk through the door of Cox & Baloney’s and it’s all looking very civilised. A baby shower is cooing over their little ones with teapots of tea and cake stands laden with tasty treats. Couples sit at their tables, lovingly looking into each others eyes as they sip on their bubbly. But there’s something happening underneath this charming setting, a low rumble, a familiar beat. I follow the sound and walk down to the basement and am hit by a wall of drum & bass, followed by the sight of people delicately eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking from teacups- they’re full of cocktails, but it’s still a bit of a mind melt!


I literally had to just stand and stare for a good 10 minutes, then I quickly got some food to prepare myself for the day time raving. Once people had finished chowing down on the delicious grub the tables were moved back and it was time to get some serious skanking going.

Our DJ at the party helm was incredible, proper old style drum & bass throw down, and the crowd was lapping it up! I think what I loved most about this party was that it was intimate, by the end of the party I felt like i was just hanging out with mates! Two Bristol ravers even had a whip around to get some more money for the DJ so he would keep on playing – big love to him for doing it and Cox & Baloney for keeping the party going.


Other stand out highlights from the event: Cox & Baloney’s teapot cocktails are out of this world! Go see them for one, they’re open until 9pm Thursday – Friday (and do gin and cheese on a Friday, hello). Foozie are nailing Bristol events and have loads of good’uns such as: Prosecco and Prawns, with a fizz flight (in), The Bristol Sushi Bus (of course), and three course toast (because not enough people make a three course meal out of toast!).

Well done Bristol – LOVE IN DONE!


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This entry was posted on October 2, 2016 by in Music.


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