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Adventures in New York

June was a whirlwind. It felt like someone picked me up mid-month and they’ve only just put me down again. I’m going to blame this on my severe lack of blog lovin’, but at the same time it has landed me with some great content to share with you lovely lot, starting with NEW YOIIIIK BABY!

Prepare yourself to hate me but I went to New York with work. I know…it’s pretty jammy right? I’m one of those annoying people who genuinely does love my job working in events. This was when the most exotic it got was hosting an accounting conference in London. So you can imagine how smug I became when it was announced that in June this year we were going to be hosting our first ever international event in NYC. Man, I kind of want to punch me for just talking about it.

Anyway…I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of the event because that’s not what you want to hear about. You want to hear about the fun stuff – namely the booze and the food right? I won’t go too in detail, as in all honesty I can’t remember many of the names of the places we visited, but what I can share with you is a little collection of my photos! Enjoy!

First stop on arrival was naturally, food! We were staying in TriBeCa, so moseyed on over to the Meat Packing district where we found this little gem of an indoor food market!





Cheese cake cones?! SHUT UP!


Coconut water iced coffee – weird and wonderful


A duffin – a cross between a doughnut and a muffin!


The most obscene pulled pork and brisket sandwich you’ve ever seen



Shonette looking more than a bit pleased with her lobster roll!


Lobster roll of joy!


New York looking tall!

After a wander along the Hudson it was time to find a bar. This is us before the first pint…
IMG_4574And this is us after!


However, being the sensible people it wasn’t all party, party! An early night was followed by an early start to set up at the venue. Which afforded us a pretty bloody impressive view!

FullSizeRender (2)

Which also overlooked Beyonce and JayZ’s TriBeCa appartment. They weren’t home…

FullSizeRender (3)

After working up an appetite it was high time for lunch, and there was only one place for it. Mother chuffing Shake Shack!

IMG_4584For those of you who’ve never been to Shake Shack I can’t quite convey the sheer joy these burgers give me. They’re the best. End of. The best damned burger I’ve ever eaten. Just look at it!


And the fries! With cheese sauce!!


After having to have a little down to digest the burger it was naturally cocktail time. Because what else do you do when you’re in New York?


And a few civilised drinks ended in Shonette getting very over-zealous with some dollar bills. Poor Dan.IMG_4629

By that point (and knowing we had a big day ahead of us – not because we’re greedy) we did what all New Yorkers do, all the time. Eat pizza, right?IMG_4596




The before…IMG_4631

The after…IMG_4602

The following day was the day of the event, so it was all work and no play. However, the day after – our final day – gave us an opportunity to get out and about a bit. A mooch uptown took us to the Highline and Chelsea Market, both of which I’m strongly recommend to anyone visiting NYC for the first time.

IMG_4617 (1)




IMG_4613 (1)




And finally, after a whole post of my shoddy iPhone photography, I figured I’d save the best till last and share these beauties from our amazing event photographer (and great mate) What a clever sausage!



New York…I bloody love you!






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