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Breakfast at Stock Exchange Bakery

We seem to be all about the brunch this week, don’t we? But when you live in Bristol quite frankly why wouldn’t you go out for brunch when we’re so spoilt for choice?!

The other week, after months of saying we must, Will and I finally made it down to It’s Just Nice favourites Stock Exchange Bakery for a lazy Saturday breakfast. Cloe has been a massive fan of these guys ever since she discovered their bagels at Whiteladie’s Farmers Market, and we all felt pretty proud when the team opened their first cafe/bakery on St Nicholas Street. It’s now become a regular meeting spot for me, whether it’s coffee or lunch, but up until recently I’d never tried their much loved breakfast. So I decided it was time to fix that…



When we visited it was a pretty miserable morning outside, which made walking into the bakery, fit to burst with the smell of freshly baked bread, brewing coffee and sizzling bacon, even better than usual. The windows were all steamed up, there were a few other punters huddled over their breakfast and it just felt so bloody snug that I could have easily stayed there all morning, steadily plying myself with tea and munching my way through the menu.


The menu at Stock Exchange Bakery is unsurprisingly very carb heavy, featuring all sorts of their home baked wares, but if you’re going out for breakfast I’d like to think you’re going all in, and the last thing you’ll be thinking about is steering clear or those lovely, starchy carbs! We certainly weren’t, so got stuck in with a bacon sarnie and scrambled egg for Will and my absolute favourite – avocado on sourdough with scrambled egg.


Now I like to think I know a thing or two when it comes to breakfast. I make a mean bacon sarnie (not that it’s that hard) and I’ve pretty much nailed my scrambled eggs but the guys at Stock Exchange put me to shame! Our eggs were buttery, creamy, silky – all the words you want when talking about scrambled egg. I can literally taste them right now… give me a minute… I’m getting distracted by how good they were…



My breakfast came with a veritable stack of toast, which I’m afraid I couldn’t manage, but had my eyes not been bigger than my belly I would have happily licked the plate clean. Will woofed the bacon sandwich down with barely a word said, and was swiftly eyeing up the cake selection on the counter…


Not that you can blame him… just look at them!


I’m much more a savoury girl, and despite being so full I was resisting the urge to just lie on the floor for a little while I was seriously tempted by these porky bad boys. Anyone who makes not one, but THREE varieties of a sausage roll is a friend of mine!


True to form Will opted for a salted caramel chocolate brownie (that boy has a serious chocolate problem) and not one to turn down free food I had a nibble or two on the way home. Up until now the brownie crown of Bristol (yep, that’s a thing now) has been held by Source Cafe, with their incredible cherry and chocolate brownies but sorry guys – you’ve been knocked off the top spot. Stock Exchange Bakery make the best chocolate brownies in the whole of Bristol – probably the world they were that good. Everyone else should just pack up and go home. But if you fancy raising the bar It’s Just Nice are always on hand to judge!


Stock Exchange Bakery – we’ve said it once. I expect we’ve said it twice. But we really love you – please don’t ever change!



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