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Pay day millionaires! Our pay day wish list…

For some of you lucky lot Pay Day may have already arrived, but for us we have a few more days to wait, but that does mean that this one fall on a ruddy Bank Holiday!!! (Jumping up and down with excitement!) As this is the case we thought we better search the net for our pay day millionaire ‘must have’ summer fashion wish list that you can spend your good hard cash on over the weekend, without having to drag yourself away from the pub and out to the shops – because ain’t nobody got time for that!

Go on, treat yourself! Your totally worth it!

Cloe’s top payday picks… 

These lush Miss KG Pariss Shoes have that 70’s vibe and will just be perfect for summer! Now every year I seem to fail at finding a pair of shoes which aren’t flat (pumps and trainers), which aren’t stupidly high (end platforms), but which are nice, practical and can go with everything, everyday! Enter these, my new friends that will hopefully will be prominently attached to my feet for at least the next 6 months!


Miss KG Pariss Shoes £59

This Marks and Spencer (yes, Marks and Spencer) pink suit!!! I have seen this in the flesh and I have to say that the website does not do this suit justice! The jacket is beautiful and the 7/8 trousers just make it for me – it is a master bit of tailoring!

Yes, I am not entirely sure on when I am going to wear a pink suit… All I know is that I love it and this weekend Marks and Spencer better watch me coming!

Marks & Spencer Suit - Jacket £55 a

Marks & Spencer Suit – Jacket £55 and 7/8 Trousers £27.50

Next up is this simply stunning necklace from Ted Baker on ASOS. I love a chunky necklace and if it’s rose gold then it’s even better, which is why I absolutely love this little beauty. I mean, its going to go perfectly with my new shoes and my new pink suit! Need I say more!


Ted Baker Necklace from ASOS £45

Ted Baker Necklace from ASOS £45


Now onto something less flashy and slightly more practical – a relaxed black jumpsuit from Miss Guided which I can see myself in everyday of summer and which has just been reduced to £20! What a bargain!

I have been on the hunt for a nice causal jumpsuit for quite some time until I spotted this one. This one is nice and chilled and will be perfect for those “I’m going to work and I just want to wear a giant baby grow” days!

Miss Guided Jumpsuit £20

Miss Guided Jumpsuit £20


My final item on my payday millionaire list are these little pom-pom shorts from Topshop! We all know that the 70’s summer look is going to be big this year so I thought I would chuck these in for good measure! Who can’t resist a pom-pom or two!

Topshop Pom-Pom Shorts £32

Topshop Pom-Pom Shorts £32

After this little spree I might be broke so lets move onto Meg’s payday picks!

Meg’s top payday picks… 

Following on from Cloe’s amazing Coachella festival fashion post I’ve got festivals firmly on my mind, and more specifically GLASTO!

Franks and I are lucky enough to be DJing again for the second year running, so we’re going to need some serious disco wear for our sets, and where else would be look than Bristol’s very own Burnt Soul.

Personally I’m coveting this bad boy, although I’ll choose to ignore the logistical challenge that will be going for a wee until I get to the long drops!


Burnt Soul Catsuit £80

My slightly more sensible choice is this beauty of a bag from Skinny Dip London – you know mermaids are so hot right now. I first spied it on Pinterest, and as soon as I get paid this is the first item I’ll be buying, although I’m totally undecided – pink or blue?


Skinny Dip Cross Body Shell Bag £30

 Frankie’s top payday picks…

Well, I want everything from Cloe’s list, especially the pink suit, and I’m also thinking festivals like Meg. As I’ve recently made the move to be a freelancer I don’t actually get pay days any more, I get chasing for payment days which aren’t nearly as much fun. However, when I do get my grubby paws on some cash I’m going straight in for a bum bag. I’m having some trouble deciding which one because it’s got to go with my Burnt Soul festival outfits and we’re picking fabrics at the moment but I’m thinking that gold goes with everything so might get this one, although worried about the size


Mi-Pac gold bum bag £17 ASOS


Ultimately I want this black leather fringe one, but it’s £150 and the fringe on this and my disco arms might just be too much

fringe bum bag

Fringe leather bum bag £142.60 Etsy





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