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Laser teeth whitening with Kalos Beauty

Teeth freak me out. Big time.

I haven’t always been this way, but having undergone what can only be described as a traumatic amount of orthodontic work as a kid, including retainers, train tracks and head gear (Yep – I was that girl, and I kinda wish I had a photo to prove it!), I’ve developed something of a phobia when it comes to anything teeth related. Which is why this blog post, about my experience having my teeth whitened, and the fact that I’m raving about it, is a pretty massive deal!

This was me - aged 12!

This was me – aged 12!

Now before you write teeth whitening off as the past time of TOWIE twats and WAGS hear me out – you ain’t going to see me looking like Rylan any time soon! The only way to achieve that obscene, glow in the dark mouthful of knashers is if you have veneers, so unless you’re planning on forking out the equivalent of a reasonably priced small car don’t panic. You will want to listen, however, if you’ve ever thought to yourself that your pearly whites could be, well…a little more pearly white.

I don't look like this - I promise!

I don’t look like this – I promise!

That’s where Kalos Beauty comes in!

Kalos Beauty, powered by the one woman force of nature which is Sharon, is a boutique beauty treatment service based in Clevedon, just outside of Bristol. Founded towards the end of last year Kalos is relatively new to the scene but promises a range of reasonable, personal services including Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Treatment, and Laser Teeth Whitening. As a hardcore tea drinker I’ve always wondered if my teeth could be a bit brighter and whiter, so I figured I’d give it a bash!


So, the question I know you want to ask. Does it hurt? Not a bit. The procedure involves painting the teeth with a whitening gel and then exposing them to UV light for short, 20 minute bursts. Yes, you need to sit with an extremely flattering gum shield in your mouth for the best part of an hour, which is mildly uncomfortable, but put it this way, I’ve had check ups at the dentist which have been worse! Plus you get to look super fit while you’re at it – look!

Strong look!

Strong look!

The process is repeated three times, meaning you have three 20 minute opportunities to sit back, relax, and fantasise about how you’re going to look like Ross from Friends in no time at all. After the final treatment the gel is removed, you give your gums a good swilling out et voila! Pearly white teeth!!

The before and after

The before and after

Before you start your treatment Sharon will match your teeth to a scale of different shades. After the treatment you’ll do this again, and I have to admit the difference is pretty mind blowing. My teeth lifted 5 shades on the top and 6 on the bottom, and with some careful follow up care this could lift another shade. Cue cheesy grinning selfie!


A one treatment usually costs £135, but Kalos are running an exclusive early bird offer until the end of April, meaning a one hour treatment is just £79.00. You can make an appointment here, and be sure to take plenty of before and after shots – I promise you’ll be impressed!




2 comments on “Laser teeth whitening with Kalos Beauty

  1. frankieapples
    March 25, 2015

    Did you where the headscarf to match your sexy gum shield? Teeth look ace, I’m getting mine done when I’m back!

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