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Happy 1st Birthday Mathilda’s Chilli Bar!

Last Saturday was Mathilda’s Chilli Bar‘s first birthday and Meg and I were invited to celebrate it with them at their restaurant in the Bear Pit. They kindly extended their invitation of a free bar with dinner to include plus ones so we took full advantage of this and brought the boyfriends, Lawrence and ‘Fat Will’ (who actually isn’t fat at all) with us!



Lawrence and I arrived nice and early (maybe a little too early, it was still shut but I was hungry). We sat on a table with Dan, Mr Simple Lampoon himself, his lovely lady Abi and the wonderful Shonette from A Life Less Organised. This was a pretty awesome table, even if I do say so myself!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

The owners who bring the best chilli in Bristol!

The owners who bring the best chilli in Bristol!

Now, we reviewed these guys way back in May last year (read it here) so I’m not going to bang on about how ace the lush food is, but what I am going to say is these guys KNOW how to cook a good chilli and they also know that a deep fried pickled gherkin with blue cheese sauce is like heaven to me! Seriously – they are the best thing ever and totally sit near the top of my guilty pleasures list! (And this is coming from the girl who tries to be mega healthy 80% of the time and usually stays way, way clear of anything fried!)

Deep fried pickled gherkin with blue cheese sauce...

Deep fried pickled gherkin with blue cheese sauce…

Anyway, back to the party. We of course all ordered chilli and a rather sizeable selection of sides, including their poppy seed coleslaw, paprika onion rings and of course the deep fried gherkins. (My mouth has actually started salivating at the thought of them again…) From the table I was the only one who opted for just the 3 bean chilli and I was mighty chuffed with it. Meg and pretty much everyone else went for the beef brisket chilli which I was assured was as epic as the first time she had it when they first launched a year ago.

3 bean chilli feast!

3 bean chilli feast!

It’s so ace to see such a cool Bristol independent doing so well and celebrating their first Birthday in style! Mathilda’s – keep doing what you’re doing and we are looking forward to the next one already!

For more information check out their website –


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