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Doughnut Making Evening At The Stock Exchange Bakery

A couple of chilly Thursday nights ago (quiet a few actually because I have been super slow to write this up!) I was invited to a Yelp elite night at arguably my favourite place in Bristol – The Stock Exchange Bakery! The night was a ‘doughnut and jam making’ evening hosted by George, the owner and chief baker at The Stock Exchange Bakery and Matt, the owner of the Bristol Preservation Company.

The evening kicked off with name tags, introductions, drinking and with a selection of super amazing sausage rolls and tuna crème fraiche  on sour dough!

Sausage rolls! Photo by Shotaway

Sausage rolls! Photo by Shotaway.

Now, if you haven’t sampled them yet The Stock Exchange Bakery sausage rolls really are something else! They are very much a delicacy of the bakery and the perfectly flaky pastry really does hit the spot!


Checking into the event. Photo by Shotaway.

An introduction to the evening by owner George.

An introduction to the evening by owner George.

After introductions we where all split into two teams: a doughnut making team and a jam making team. I was placed in the jam making team which I have to say initially I was slightly disappointed with because I was originally very excited at the prospect of actually getting to bake something in my favourite bakery! After the  disappointment had worn off and I decided to stop being a stroppy teenager (I exaggerate here for effect, I felt like that on the inside but maintained a sunny disposition on the outside) I got into the team spirit and started making a very lovely apple and blackcurrant jam!


The jam making team getting ready to kick off! Photo by Shotaway.

The jam making commenced!

The jam making commenced!

The guys helping us make the jam were from Bristol Preservation Company and Matt, one of the owners, was on hand to offer his jam making advice. This basically consisted of just chucking it all in and creating what you want! Simple, but so effective! These guys are lush, they are a local lot who are now stocked in quiet a few little independents dotted around Bristol. It’s not just jam they are into either, they also make home made tomato ketchup, which is amazing and BBQ sauces! They are well worth a try.

The doughnut making crew!

The doughnut making crew! Photo by Shotaway


Marmajam = amazing!

After the jam was done and the doughnuts were ‘resting’ (they take 2 whole days to actually make!) it was finally time to fill some doughnuts that were cleverly ‘prepared earlier’. This is a lot messier than you would think and basically just comprises of filling a pipeing bag with jam, popping it into the doughnut and squeezing the jam in! Simple, but very messy when you have hot jam squirting out at you! While the filling was under way we finally got to sample the fruits of our labour and wow – they where blooming marvellous! You really can’t beat a freshly baked sugar doughnut overflowing with hot tasty, homemade jam!

'Here are some that we make earlier'.

‘Here are some that we make earlier’.

The jam filling and rush for the doughnuts!

The jam filling and rush for the doughnuts! Photo by Shotaway.

The filling frenzy!

The filling frenzy!

Taking a picture of my well deserved treat!

Taking a picture of my well deserved treat! Photo by Shotaway.

After the excitement of the doughnut filling the Yelp guys put on a no hands doughnut eating competition. This was amusing to watch and as you can imagine it got messy!

Tim, you enjoy the well deserved doughnut!

Tim, you enjoy the well deserved doughnut!


The big reveal! Photo by Shotaway.

To finish off the evening George produced the most wonderful surprise! A glazed doughnut filled with maple bacon… Mmmmmmm. This was so so so bad, it was good! I was especially chuffed about this because I tweeted this to her the day before in the hope that she would create such a wonderful thing and she did! It was everything I wanted and more. This is simply why it really is one of my favourite places in the whole of Bristol!

Overall it was a super lush evening had by all and I certainly loved having doughnuts for dinner!

These where heaven! It was just a shame I had to share...

These where heaven! It was just a shame I had to share…

For more Yelp fun and event check out there website –


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