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The Friday Chair Dancer

Hello Friday you absolute beauty! You certainly took your time to come around this week, didn’t you?!

After what’s felt like the longest week in a while I’m certainly ready to get my Taylor Swift on and ‘shake it off’ so let us give you a helping hand by sharing our pick of this week’s best chair dancing tunes.

If you’re out and about you can catch the It’s Just Nice team getting our groove on at The Big Chill, as we pop our DJ hats for our monthly night, Tun Up! We’ll be playing alongside some of Bristol’s best, including Titan Sound and Dub Boy, so whilst it might be cold outside we’ll be turning the heat up with a massive dose of Tropical Bass. In the meantime, here’s a little something to get you warmed up!

This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

I apologise for the shameless self promotion, but this week I’ve been listening to our Duchess DJs exclusive mix for tonight’s Tun Up! at The Big Chill!

I always listen back to my mixes after I post them, as it gives me an opportunity to drive myself mad with self criticism, but I’ve been really chuffed with the outcome and the response to this one. Tun Up! is all about tropical bass, which encompasses everything from Reggae and Dancehall to Soca and Moombahton. In short, it’ll make you want to throw your hands in the air, shake that booty and imagine you’re raving in the Caribbean, all whilst sitting in your chair in chilly Brizzle!

So, if you like your bass dirty and your beats packed full of sunshine then get this in your ears and give us your duttiest wine!


This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

Some Buraka Som Sistema. I mean, I’m dancing to these guys a lot because they are one of my favourite groups out there, they’re pioneers in the tropical/global bass scene and are credited with inventing zouk bass so they’re pretty big in the game. Their remix of Major Lazer’s Bruk Out would have to be on my desert islands discs so I had plenty of booty dropping to fill my time. Rambling, I love Buruka Som Sistema, we’ve got it. They released their 3rd album recently and they’ve only gone and got a whole load of remixes done that you can go and enjoy. And here they are:

This week Hannah’s chair dancing to…

I think that my house mates have had enough of me ranting and raving about Diplo… But come on… He really is a genius!  I bet they are also getting fed up with me blaring this belter of a tune on repeat.  I found this song when I was on a hunt for some new music and if in doubt, I will always end up putting Diplo in the search bar!  Duttiest Wine is a collaboration of Diplo and dancehall artist, Ape Drums – it captures a real authentic Jamaican sound whilst being incredibly modern dancehall!  We are playing at the Big Chill this evening for the first Tun Up! of 2015 and I cannot wait to play this…Dutty Wine time!!!



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