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The Friday Chair Dancer

It’s Friday once again! Thank goodness is all I have to say – I need a nice rest after this bumper week!

Back to today and it’s time for a bit of a love in… The best part about doing this post for me on Friday is that I get to hear the wonderful Duchess Ladies top picks from the week! That, I must say, is a group of foxy ladies who essentially provide me with their music wisdom! This is why I have been lame and not actually added a tune this week… However I am sure that you will agree that these ladies certainly know how to make a Friday Chair Dancer that makes you get a wiggle one. Everyone loves a wiggle, just admit it… And do it!

So, let’s get this show on the road and get this weeks tunes coming out of your speakers (or headphones, but its Friday so be a rebel).

This week Frankie’s chair dancing to….

I’m currently packing my bag to go to Langkawi, which is a lovely Island off Malaysia and Thailand (I know, I hate me too) and as I’m doing it I’m getting my dutty whine on with this little number.

It’s by Mr Renzo but is remixed by Lazabeam who is one half of power soca duo Jus Now, who just happen to be one of my favourite groups of all time. You can totally hear his percussion influence and it’s the perfect tropical tune to get ready for a tropical adventure (sorry, I’ll punch myself in the face).

This week Hannah’s chair dancing to….

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make sure I see more live music, and the first week of 2015 was kick started with the Bristol based Sounds of Harlowe.  My house mate initial pitched this to me presuming it was an alternative/indie group, when I later found it was Hip Hop I was a little dubious (admittedly I am not the biggest lover of most Hip Hop). I will tell you now…they were bloody marvelous!  Boasting an energetic full band; Mike Gill on drums, Andy Binnington on keys, Solomon Ogunmefun led vocalist/beat boxer and Kenroy Medford guitar/backing vocals.  The addition of brass instruments created a real soulful sound.  They are really eclectic – fantastic spins on covers and their own original beats.  Tempos and musical influences changed; playing rhythms from Curtis Mayfield – Move on up to Blu Cantrell feat. Sean Paul – Breathe.  Taking inspiration from a variety of artists such as John Mayer and Jameriqua, Solomon stated in an interview that, ‘The thing that stands us in good stead is the fact that we have nine members and everyone is from a slightly different musical background – I think we really do well to pull together different elements from each other and tailor it to the band’s overall genre.’

There are a number of their songs on Soundcloud and YouTube, but there promo video really stands out for me!  Entertaining, dynamic and energetic – Check them out!


 This week  Meg’s chair dancing to…

Unlike Franks I’m not jetting off to some fabulous Tropical island, but hey, that doesn’t mean I can’t have my bass Tropical this weekend!

We Duchess ladies have got a lot lined up gig wise this coming month, starting with our monthly residency at The Big Chill, Tun Up, so I’ve been spending a lot of time set planning recently, which mostly involves having a personal rave in the corner of my living room. The sound for the night is ‘tropical bass’ so expect everything from Reggae through to big, bashy Soca tunes. Whether you think it’s your thing or not I can promise we’ll get you dancing.

My chair dancer this week is a real find. I came across it on one of my regular Soundcloud meanderings, and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. It’s by a Hungarian DJ/Producer called DJ Super Stereo who I’ve never heard before, but it’s the perfect balance of dark melodies, dutty bass lines and hands-in-the-air build ups – the perfect recipe for a dance floor banger.



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