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The Christmas Miracle – Laura’s story

We all have that one friend. That one friend who lights up the room the minute they walk in. Laura Mac is that friend for me. I remember the first day I met her, her first day at our work and her Midlands accent made me instantly love her (finally there was someone in the office that sounded somewhat familiar to me!). When we found out that we had the same music taste it wasn’t long before we were out partying together. From then on we have been pretty much inseparable, her infectious laugh, hilarious day to day dramas and general mischief is part of a normal day for me.

Laura and I in Ibiza earlier this year

Laura and I in Ibiza earlier this year

About 5 weeks ago Laura was involved in a horrible accident involving a police car on Stokes Croft. She’s been in hospital ever since, having to fight for her life at times. Just 5 weeks ago, but it feels like months.

Laura is one of those girls who will talk to anyone, whether she’s your cup of tea or not she’s bound to make you smile – even if it is at her own expense. We became so, so close over the summer and I have some of the best memories as a result.

She is not just a best friend, she feels like family and we truly care about each other. We have one of those friendships where we only have to look at each other and we know exactly how each other is feeling.

She hasn’t had an easy life but she always see’s the positive in situations and I admire the way that she handles herself – she’s one of the strongest people I know! She’s given me some of the best advice over the last year or so, advice that has changed my life for the better.

Celebrating her Birthday

Celebrating her Birthday

We were all out for her birthday on the night the horrible incident happened and before this whole surreal experience started, we were having such a great time and we were all so happy. I hope that all she remembers from that night is how happy she was.

This girl is a real fighter though – anyone that knows her knows that she is a feisty little madam. In just 5 weeks, she has made so much progress it is almost unbelievable. Unbelievable to an outside person, but if you know Laura then you wouldn’t be that surprised. When she first got taken to A&E, she had a less than 50% chance of surviving. Since that night, her progress has only been positive.

Laura suffered life threatening head injuries and 5 weeks ago none of us knew what this meant for her, naturally you think the worst. After just 2 weeks though, Laura was out of her coma and the doctors were considering taking her out of the intensive care unit. Just 7 days later and she’s now out of intensive care, moving all her limbs, trying to talk, eat, drink and even asking for cigarette’s (that’s our girl!).

That's our girl!

That’s our girl!

The doctors and nurses informed us that they wouldn’t have expected to see this sort of progress for another 6-9 months. They’re calling her the ‘Christmas miracle’. To say I am a proud friend is an understatement.

The support that Laura has received is overwhelming. The minute the news got out about Laura’s accident, people flooded to her Facebook page to leave messages of love and support. From reading those messages you really can tell what an impression she has left on those people, a comforting thought for close friends and family. Laura is a friend to all, someone to party with, someone to talk to or someone to just keep you laughing with her hilarious and crude storytelling.

About 1 week after her accident, friends took to the net and set-up ‘Laura Mac’s recovery fund’ and I was astonished to watch the total go up to £1,500 in less than 24 hours. Since then, people have kept donating. Friend who just want the best for Laura, people who have been touched by her story, or even people who simply met Laura on a night out and remember that dance they had with her. It really is a tribute to the wonderful Bristol community, who have all come together to help our girl.

Just days in the new year and the only thing that I could wish for is that Laura remains making the amazing progress she has been so far. I’m sure it won’t be long until you see her out partying again, continuing to leave her stamp on the places she visits.

We are looking forward to the Return of the Mac!

We are looking forward to the Return of the Mac!

So, all you lovely people out there, if you do just one good deed this new year, please send some positive vibes to our beautiful Laura and consider donating some money to her recovery fund. Every penny counts! 

You’re truly loved Laura Mac, none of us can wait to blast out ‘Return of the Mac’ and have you back with us again soon! Life just isn’t the same without you babe.

The It’s Just Nice team are looking to organise a fundraiser night for Laura in the new year, so keep your eyes open for more information soon!

Have a happy and healthy new year all.



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