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Friday Chair Dancer 2015 Style!

This week was the first official full week back of 2015 after a rather wonderful and jolly long Christmas and New Year break and Wow, what a crash back to reality it has been?! I have actually had to get up at a set time and I can’t just watch a movie in the afternoon and have a little nap! Also, there is not a huge tin a Quality Streets that I can just dip into every now and then…

But there is one good thing about the working week… That Friday feeling and having a little chair dance in celebration of it!

This year we will be bringing the Chair Dancer back with a vengeance and we will have hopefully be featuring lots of booty shaking tunes from the all 3 of the wonderful Duchess DJs! This week the amazing Lady Franks, who is joining us from Malaysia, has popped her tune in (we are so international!) and Hannah who is sat at her desk in Bristol living the high life!

Without further delay lets get those bums wiggling on them chairs!

This week Frankie is chair dancing to…

Oh hey, it’s been a while and sorry I’ve been gone so long! I’m currently sat in Malaysia, I’d love to say sunning myself by a pool but it’s like a grey, drizzly Autumn’s day here – so it’s just like being in the UK only the insects are bigger and people eat food with sticks.

Where I am, Kuala Lumpur, music is a little lacking. Actually that’s not true, there is loads of great music I’ve just not discovered where to get my hands on it yet, and by hands I mean booty shaking. All the clubs seem to play, what I call, boom boom music (or big room house if we’re getting technical). It ain’t really my bag, but people here love it. When I go out what I really want is to listen to something of a tropical nature, and I can hear you all saying “drr, Frankie, you live in a tropical country,” well yeah, I do, and I intend to bring the tropical vibe to KL just as soon as someone lets me DJ, anyone?

Anyway, I’m rambling. My chair dancer this week is a soft one but it is tropical and it’s by La Roux. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “shut that screetcher up she’s making my ears bleed” and that’s what I though about La Roux too but with this track the vocals have come down a pitch or two and it’s rather lovely. So, I imagine it’s raining in the UK, so pop this on and imagine you’re lying on a sunny beach, that’s what I’m doing…

This week Cloe is chair dancing to… 

Little By Little ‘Bang The Box EP’ – Defected Records

This is a tune! Its got a deep house vibe and just makes me want to get my Chair Dance on! Its the prefect way to start the new year and in fact it just makes me just want to go out and party like its New Years Eve all over again. (I in fact went for a civilised meal on New Years Eve this year, but I did go and party on the 27th so perhaps I should say I want to party like the 27th!)

Anyway, I do love a bit of Defected Records and I would highly recommended checking out their Podcast if you like this one.

This week Hannah is chair dancing to…

This makes me so incredibly happy might actually cry!  If you are ever having a bad day wrap your ears around this beaut.  The German duo Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch have created the perfect mix of folk, reggae and electronic music.  They have the sound of The XX with and essence of Ray Charles or Bob Marley – On paper this sounds like it would NEVER work…IT DOES!  Really keen to here more of this!


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