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What we think is just nice this week…

What is happening to the time! It feels like the week’s are racing by and Christmas is just around the corner, or at least the shops think so anyway. I’m pretty sure that I blinked and it went from July to November. And the rain doesn’t help either. Bring on the snow I say!

As usual the team have been super busy at headquarters, but even at this time of year whilst we bow our heads against the rain on our daily commute, there’s a lot that we’re finding is just nice really. Tell us what you think is just nice too at @Its_Just_Nice on Twitter or give us a comment on our Facebook page! #itsjustnice

Vicky’s highlight this week is…

Getting back in the kitchen! Now I did have a serious problem with Baking over the summer and even my own mother was wondering what the obsession was, but since I’ve been back at work I’ve been a little slack. I’d like to blame my new house not having any flour or baking soda but really I live 2 mins from the supermarket so it’s all my own fault!


Well this week I’ve decided to get back on it! Starting off with a super scrumptious Red Onion Chutney recipe and if I can manage it, Meg’s bacon jam recipe too! Ok, so its not baking, but I’m raring to start the food prep for the Christmas period and what with Chutney’s and Puddings needing months to rest before the big day, I’m already a little behind. Secretly, it’s also a blooming great excuse to buy a whole host of cheese to go along side it! I’ll be sure to post the recipe’s once the work is done so watch this space…and wish me luck!

V x


Meg’s stunning Bacon Jam

Meg’s highlight this week is…

Getting into the mother chuffing Christmas spirit!

Sorry folks, but I’m one of those people. One of those who’s eye balling the advent calendars in September, one of those who is has already had my first mince pie come October and one of those who, much to everyone’s disdain, is creeping around the office singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like…” in the hope that some other loser will bellow “CHRISTMAS” at the top of their lungs with me!

If you hadn’t already figured I am so excited about Christmas this year.

To start the week off Hannah and I decided to throw ourselves into the Christmas onslaught full force and head down to the German Christmas Market in Broadmead after work and do you know what? It was bloody magical! Two mugs of mulled wine later and we were singing along with Wham’s Last Christmas and generally getting really over excited.

I know a lot of people will be rolling their eyes at me for this, but as far as I’m concerned once the John Lewis advert has aired for the first time there’s only one thing to do – EMBRACE IT!!

photo (48)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Cloe’s highlight this week is…

Going to a meeting on Level 6 & 1/2!

This weeks highlight is a little bit of a random from me, but I wanted to share it anyway. Last Thursday I went to Chartered Accountants Hall, Moorgate in London to see one of my lovely clients. Now, the Chartered Accountants Hall is as posh as it sounds – it’s a very grand building with red carpets and portraits on the walls. When we arrived we were directed to level six and a half. That’s right, level six and half! I initially thought they were trying to pull my leg, but they weren’t and it all felt very Harry Potterish taking the lift up to level 6.5. That’s it from me! (Apologies for the crap picture, I was trying to be sly when I was taking it!)

Level 6 & 1/2

Level 6 & 1/2


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