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Three Brothers Burgers… Review

Friday is a great day at our work. Obviously, its Friday so that makes everything brilliant, we have beers at 4.30 and everyone is generally much more relaxed and raring for the weekend. But the best part about Friday’s at work? Heading out for a cheeky pint and leisurely lunch at one of the fantastic Bristol eateries that surround our office. This week it was time for burgers as we headed onto the boat that is Spyglass for Three Brothers Burgers.


Find Three Brothers Burgers on Welshback in the Spyglass

Taking over Spyglass’ characteristically summer BBQ menu for the winter, Three Brothers Burgers offer a Burger menu to rival the best, fresh fries, milkshakes and craft beer. Let’s just say we were excited.


Stepping onto the boat on a rather wet and windy Friday we were greeted by a huge log burning fire set next to some big tables covered in comfy cushions. Sadly, we hadn’t booked so were sat out the back in the less cosy second boat. But ever conscious of their customers, there were plenty of blankets for everyone, a smaller fire to keep the toes warm and the stunning view of the harbour.


Simple Lampoon’s Dizzard and the one and only JamesO keeping warm

After a peruse at the standardly Bristol priced menu (about £8 for a burger) I spotted the fabulous lunch time menu. Offering a classic burger and fries for £5 I immediately changed my small glass of wine to a large. Winning.


Nothing better than a £5 deal!

The burger menu was serious. You can choose from an array of 28 day aged prime Herefordshire beef burgers from the the Classic, ‘nice and simple as it sounds’, to the Blue Brothers Burger, caramalised onion and blue cheese and the mouthwatering Smokey Bro Burger, Applewood cheddar, sweet cured bacon and crispy onion. There are no words. With a Portobello mushroom burger (given a massive thumbs up by Hannah) and the Halloumi & Piquillo Pepper burger on the menu too, the veggie’s need not feel left out.



I went for a Classic burger with fries and it did not disappoint. Perfectly cooked beef in a brioche bun and skin on fries with salt were heavenly. Even better were the thick cut battered gherkins. For me they beat those at Small bar hands down but the guys weren’t convinced.


Gone in 60 seconds

The real winner of the day though was the secret spice mix. I don’t think it sat on the table for more than 2 minutes for being passed back and forth. Whatever they put in that stuff is sheer brilliance! If the Three Brothers are listening, I’d pay bloomin’ good money to know what you put in there!


Overall, Three Brothers Burgers offered everything you’d want for a Friday lunch. Good prices, tasty burgers and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We all left feeling full, satisfied and slightly tipsy. YUM! Find out more about Three Brothers Burgers, Bristol.


Meg was certainly sold on the Secret Spice Mix!

3 comments on “Three Brothers Burgers… Review

  1. nettastrophe
    November 11, 2014

    I still need to try this place, looks good” *Adds to the epic lunchtime to-do list*

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