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The Friday Chair Dancer – Halloween Special!

It is time to bring the Friday Chair Dancer back from the dead, and what better day to resurrect this It’s Just Nice special than Halloween! So, here we have it – the Friday Chair Dancer’s heart has just kicked started, Frankenstien fashion, and we have some Halloween tunes to get those bums wiggling on seats as you welcome in the weekend!

This week we also feature a pick from Duchess DJs newest memeber Hannah!  Hannah is a lady who knows her tunes and is going to be interviewing April Towers for us very soon so keep your eyes peeled from that. Also, her and our lovely Meg will be back on Passion Radio this Saturday, 4 until 6pm, so if you fancy a real boogie make sure you tune in to them!

Anyway, onward with our spooky picks!  

This week Hannah’s been chair dancing to…

Lana Del Rey…I admit I am a little ‘on the fence’ with her stuff, but her voice and melody is perfect for a good old remix!  There were some beaut remixes of ‘Summertime Sadness’ this summer which proved this to me.  I first heard ‘Gods and Monsters’ in American Horror Story, performed by the breath taking Jessica Lange. (I have chucked the video in for that too!)

After being left literally having goose bumps I HAD to find a remix and discovering a trap version was a real treat. Maintaining the haunting vocals with a dark dubby undertone this song is perfect for a Halloween themed chair dancer (beware is slightly explicit – naughty Lana).

This week Cloe’s been chair dancing to…

I choose this song every year because  it really is my Halloween favourite! It is of course the Monster Mash!

Now, I have a little bit of boring Halloween story to tell you – the reason I love this song so much is because this was what they played when I won the best dressed at a Halloween party at McDonalds when I was about 8! I was a zombie bride and I was by far the most original outfit at the kids party! Clearly this is something I am still proud of! Anyway, get in the mood for Halloween with this slightly euro dance remix of a classic!

This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to crack this track back out and Halloween seems like the perfect opportunity, as this track, Night is on My Mind by Oliver, is deep, dark, moody, and pretty much everything you want from a decent Halloween track.

The original from US based production duo Oliver is 80’s-tastic but Dillon Francis has got his clever little mitts on it and made it dirty and bassy and I’m very pleased about that!

This week Vicky’s been chair dancing to…

In a not very spooky fashion (I’d only choose Thriller anyway!), a good friend of mine who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to music has opened my eyes recently to the new SBTRKT ablum, Wonder where we land. After the brilliant but 100% overplayed self-entitled album, I thought that my love for SBTRKT had died a death. But thanks to this fresh new album, I’ve found myself right back on the SBTRKT train!

Their song New Drop. New York. ft. Ezra Koeing is one of the best and I can’t wait to get my ears around the rest of the album on what is likely to a massive Halloween induced hangover tomorrow.


10 points to Gryffindor if you can guess where this spooky guy is from…..



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