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Little Ponder’s Big Trip to the Sky F1 Show!

A couple of Friday night’s ago Lawrence and myself  trotted down to London and appeared on the telly! We were luckily picked to be in the audience of the Sky F1 Show which is unsurprisingly on the Sky F1 Channel! So when I say we where on telly, we were, but only seen by big F1 fans – still its a claim to fame!

Now avid readers of the blog will fully be aware that time to time I confess my love of Formula 1, however I think this is the first post in quite sometime that has been fully devoted to it!

Audience parking!

Audience parking!

We arrived at the Sky Studio’s which I do have to say look pretty epic when your driving into London. We did actually get there super early because we were so worried about the traffic as the doors opened at 6:15pm, rush hour in London. We also had a pack lunch dinner in the car – it really was just like a school trip!

After checking in we were taken in small groups over to a holding room where they played this years Monza race on some big telly’s and were very all awkwardly stood around. I think this the race playing was designed to all get us in the mood for the evening ahead!

While we where waiting one of the Sky studio guys asked if anyone wanted to ask I question. I of course jumped at the chanced and nearly feel off my seat when I stuck my hand up. Luckily I got picked and my excitement really stepped up a notch!

Sky Studio's

Sky Studio’s

With about half an hour to go we got taken over to the main studio which was in a huge warehouse building. While we were waiting in the queue the security guard made a joke about, ‘dragging the girlfriend along,’ which I quickly replied, ‘it is actually me who is dragging the boyfriend along!’ I do love to slightly put people off balance with my F1 love from time to time!


A bit of posing while waiting to go in!

When we entered the studio we were greeted by the championship winning car from Mercedes! I have to say that being up close to an F1 was incredible. This all sounds super geeky, but the car was beautiful, just an amazing example of engineering. I think I feel a little bit in love! (And by admitting this you can all see what a geek I really am… Oh well!)

The evening's very special guest - the championship winning car!

The evening’s very special guest – the championship winning car!

Me as pleased as punch to be near the car!

Me as pleased as punch to be near the car!

Lawrence also enjoying the car too!

Lawrence also enjoying the car too!

The set itself was ace! And totally not what you think it would be like when you watch it on TV. You really get a chance to see how TV magic works and that studios really are just huge warehouses with strange sets built up in awkward places propped up by MDF and lights.

The set

The F1 Show set

Before the filming we where all put into our places and the warm up lady got us to practice a few cheers! We had to practice a soft ‘welcome back from the break’ clap and a ‘welcome to our special guest’ clap and cheer. It was all a little surreal, but really good fun!

The set from the other side

The set from the other side

The presenters for the evening were the wonderful Natalie Pinkham, who is possibility the nicest person I have ever met, and the Ted Kravitz who I have to say seemed a little bit nervous before they went on air. (For you non F1 folk this is probably the boring part of this blog post!)

My only slight disappointment is they ran out of time for me to ask a question… It clearly was not to be my big TV debut.

Myself with GP2 champion Jolyon Palmer

Myself with GP2 champion Jolyon Palmer

After the recording finished, we got an opportunity for a few piccys and a bit of a chat with the presenters and special guests. I of course jumped at the chance to get a picture with Jolyon Palmer who won GP2 this year and who is rumoured to have an F1 drive next year! I hope he gets it because it would be ace to have another English driver on track and now I have a photo with him!

Natalie Pinkham aka the nicest person ever!

Natalie Pinkham aka the nicest person ever!

Now, I have to say Natalie Pinkham was ace! The whole evening she was so sweet in talking to all of us in the audience and when she came out for a chat and some pictures we really did have a bit of a giggle. I know that a personal highlight for me and Lawrence was in the ad break when she had to get from one side of the studio to the other, she jokeringly waddled in her heels and openly took the piss out of how hard she was finding it to walk in them.

Lawrence enjoying some Pinkie action!

Lawrence enjoying some Pinkie action!

It was really nice to speak to Ted Kravitz too after the filming and I got to put him off balance with a Kimi Raikkonen question! I do always like doing that 🙂

He also gave us some fascinating insider news that the real tragedy of the Jules Bianchi  crash is that he was meant to take Kimi Raikkonen’s place next year. How sad is that to think about. I know that everyone out there is still praying for Jules.

Myself and Ted Kravitz

Myself and Ted Kravitz

On a slightly lighter note our little adventure to Sky studios was lots of fun and I think that we will be applying again! Thank you everyone who make it a great evening out!

My love affair for the evening

My love affair for the evening


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