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Zazu’s Kitchen Bristol…Review

Last weekend I had a bit of a family reunion with a few celebrations in between. A birthday, a graduation and my brother’s lady finally being back in the UK meant we all fancied a lovely evening out together with lots of wine and some tasty treats. Although I’ve been to Zazu’s Kitchen before, it being a bit of a staple for me and my friends, I thought I should share the wealth of this Gloucester Road gem with my family and it did not disappoint.


Located near the top of Gloucester Road in Bishopston, and after a quick stop at the charming new pub just down the road, The Grace on the way up, we walked into the outdoors/indoors feeling restaurant. Zazu’s isn’t a big restaurant which gives a warm and welcoming feel to the place. It also has a lovely outdoor terrace at the front which only adds to the inviting and casual yet refined atmosphere; everything about this place shouts come in and join us!


Fresh Crayfish with Aioli starter


After having ordered a bottle of Bordeaux red and having a gander at the menu, we could see what to eat wasn’t going to be an easy choice! With choices including Braised rabbit and mushrooms on sourdough toast to Fresh figs, creamed goat’s cheese, chicory, honey and almonds even the starter was hard to decide! But we managed it, opting for an array of dishes including Crayfish, Octopus and Sardines and wow, wasn’t it sublime! Everything tasted so fresh and light, the aioli was the perfect garnish to the Crayfish and the Octopus was melt in your mouth soft. We really began to look forward to our mains!


Simply sublime Octopus with Barley starter

Another bottle of wine and a blooming great catch up ensued. The staff at Zazu’s really make you feel welcome and comfortable; there was no rushing us through our meal, and yet we weren’t waiting around. Equally the buzz in the air from ourselves and the other diners was filled with wine-infused laughter and a sense of enjoyment. This was going to be a really good meal.


My brother and his gorgeous lady certainly enjoyed the evening!

After a long gander at the menu earlier, we’d all chosen rather meaty dishes of Partridge, Venison and Beef Onglet. But this isn’t to say there weren’t some tasty fish options, I think we were all just enjoying the red wine! The menu is really quite varied at Zazu’s Kitchen and as well as offering options for meat-lovers, they also had Mature cheddar & broccoli tart, glazed shallots, new potatoes & baby leaves, as well as Whole roast sea bass, aromatic rice, confit cherry tomatoes & basil or Harrissa marinated halloumi, tomato & aubergine salad & toasted quinoa tabbouleh for the cheese fiends.


Roasted Partridge main

Although all of our dishes sound pretty filling, they really weren’t (in the best way possible)! The portion sizes and sides offered worked perfectly with the meat, which was cooked to perfection. My venison was nothing short of sensational with the intense flavour of the meat melting perfectly with the cabbage, incredibly favoursome onions and jus. Literal heaven. After a lot of tasting my family’s food as well, I could see that we had all ordered brilliantly. The partridge on barley was so pack full of taste that I kept pinching it off the others places! And the Onglet didn’t disappoint either, super tasty, beautifully cooked cut of meat. Another bottle of read wine later and we were in a very contented food coma.


My perfectly cooked venison main!

Not enough of a coma to skip desert though! I have to admit, after the 3rd bottle of wine, I may have taken hundreds of pictures of only one of the deserts rather than 1 or 2 of all of them, but I can tell you they were all heavenly! There was a stunningly baked salted caramel tart with caramelised walnuts on top, something scrumptiously chocolatey and a cheese board (I did get a little hazy on the full menu descriptions too)! But with 5 of us sharing 3 deserts our sweet tooth was 100% satisfied.


Scrumptious salted caramel tart with crunchy walnuts

Overall, we had an absolutely brilliant night at Zazu’s Kitchen, and I would highly recommend it for any family meal, girls night or romantic dinner. The staff were unfailingly helpful, every single mouthful of our three course dinner was perfect and the atmosphere meant we could really make the most of our evening out. I will certainly be back again!

Zazu’s Kitchen also have some really good deals going on like their Early Bird menu, Steak night, Light bites and fancy Burgers at lunchtime and a absolutely stunning Brunch menu. I can tell you right now, I have been dreaming of their Chorizo and black pudding hashbrown with poached egg ever since I had it one blissfully hungover New Year’s Day.

For more information on Zazu’s Kitchen on Gloucester Road and on North Street take a look at their website.


Great company and fantastic food, we’ll definitely be back to Zazu’s!


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