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What we think is just nice this week…

So, apparently it has been the driest September since records began! And did you know that those records where started in 1910?! That’s a fun fact for you that you can thank BBC Breakfast for. Anyway I have quite frankly loved the fact that we have indeed had a mini Indian summer that’s been exceptionally dry. I think we’re all lucky bunnies. However, the cold weather front is on it’s way and full on winter is going  to start this week. Bring it on!

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Cloe’s highlight this week is…

It’s the start of Bufftober!

What the ruddy hell is Buff-tober I hear you cry. Well, it is a little thing that my boyfriend and I came up with and it sort of goes along Stop-tober, but without being as boring and restrictive. Basically, this month we are going to really focus on our fitness and nutrition and we have both set ourselves couple of personal goals – one of mine being I want to be able to do a full pull up by the end of the month!

Overall we are very conscious of health and nutrition and we already both train at least 5/6 days a week, however September was a month of indulgence and expense and this is why we have decided swing the other way and to set ourselves Bufftober! The best thing about it is it’s not a stupid restrictive diet, there is no ‘no I can’t I’m being good’, its all becoming the best version of myself inside and out! I am super excited about it and I will certainly be shouting about it when I start hitting my mini goals!

A little bit of a mantra to get me going!

A little bit of a mantra to get me going!


Meg’s highlight of the week is..

Very much the same as Cloe’s – I’ve only gone and got myself a bloody personal trainer!!

Over the past couple of years I’ve gradually become more and more aware of my fitness, and have done my best to not only eat as well as I can, but to be as active as I can. But I’m sure I’m not alone in this… despite going to the gym several times a week, running, dancing (this is usually teamed with gin drinking so we won’t count it) and doing my fair share of exercise I don’t tend to see the results I want.

So I decided it was time for a change!

I’ve been going to classes at Bristol’s Fitness 4 Less for a little while now, and when Colin, the bloody lunatic who has us all sweating all over the place, announced that he was branching out into personal training, I figured he might be the man for the job.

I had my first session this morning and let me tell you this – I have NEVER, and I repeat NEVER worked so bloody hard in my entire life. If you’d have told me yesterday that I’d have done 100 burpees, 100 press ups and 100 squats in the space of 20 minutes I probably would have laughed in your face! But I did! Granted, it’s only week one, but I have high hopes for results – I’ve already told Colin that he’s tasked with giving me a waist and an ass like Iggy Azalea, so he’d better live up to the challenge!

You can find out more about Colin’s personal training service, Super Fitness Personal Traning here.

My bum-spiration!

My bum-spiration!


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