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A sneaky peak at Bristol’s most anticipated Bakery!

The lady who makes Bristol’s finest, most famous bagels is opening her very own bakery this October! Everything Bagels has taken over the old Stock Exchange building by St Nicks and is turning the incredible building into an amazing bakery and coffee shop where you can enjoy not only freshly baked amazing bagels but also you can get your mits on the best ever cinnamon buns you will ever taste!  (This is not just according to me – other bloggers agree and yes Bristol Bites, I am looking at you!)

This has officially become Bristol’s most anticipated Bakery and I got a sneaky peak while the work are under way! (Please excuse the darkness of some of the pictures, my iPhone can only do what it can do…)

Everything Bagels opening the Exchange Bakery!

Everything Bagels opening The Stock Exchange Bakery!

Now, you may have not actually heard of Everything Bagels as they’re currently only at a couple of farmers markets, however they do supply lots of businesses – most famously they are the namesake behind Bagel Boy – a firm It’s Just Nice favourite! They also supply Spicer & Cole, Brew and lots of other awesome Bristol indies!

Greeted with the Bakery Bar!

Greeted with the Bakery Bar

The Stock Exchange Bakery is not going to be your regular run of the mill bakery, firstly because they’re going to have a lovely coffee shop. George, the Everything Bagel’s baker extraordinaire, has taken inspiration from French bakeries where the tempting goodies are all displayed with a rustic feel. Everything on sale will have come from the bakery, something that’s rare to find these days.

Where the magic is going to happen

Where the magic is going to happen…

George has been the lady behind the whole vision of this place and has spent most of her time recently salvaging amazing pieces from all over the country to give this place such an amazing vibe already!

One of the most unique features, and one of the things I’m personally really excited about,  is that you’ll be able to watch what’s being baked! You’ll essentially be sat in the bakery, or what I would to refer to as being in heaven!

Another view of where the magic happens

Another view of where the magic happens with a sneak peak at a very special pew which has been altered to fit into the cafe

Currently the place is being painstakingly put together by George and her partner, Rob. They are lovingly restoring this remarkable building and making it functional and hopefully busy once again. George actually decided to take the place on when it was so full of stuff she couldn’t see the floor! She’s certainly a brave lady, but I have to say after my little visit it really is such a stunning place and they are doing a wonderful job of bringing it back to life. I really can’t wait to see the finished article.

The door you shall enter in from

The door you shall enter in from

Now, lets get down to the good stuff! What apart from a vast and unique selection of bagels (those of you who have ventured up to the Whiteladies Farmers market will know what a wonderful selection they have) and Bristol’s best cinnamon buns what are they going to making and selling? Well, I was told all about many, many, many amazing treats that will on offer including a large selection of loaves, including fruit and a small one person pot loaf (I love this idea), lots of buns and brioches, macaroons,  biscuits, custard tarts and even a selection of preserves which are all made by hand in Bristol. Along as some little surprises (I have been sworn to secrecy but you can take it from me going to be good!)

Another view of the bar - check out the amazing light fittings

Another view of the bakery bar – check out the amazing light fittings

One thing George really wants to achieve with this place  is you’ll be able to get whatever you want, whatever time of day – non of this ‘we’ve stopped serving breakfast,’ nonsense. It’s all about freshly baked, high quality produce how you want it, when you want it – how ace is that?

They’re aiming to be open from mid October, however they’ll be doing a ‘soft-opening’ on Saturday 18th October.  For more news keep an eye on Twitter @everybagels and 

I think I can safely I’m very excited and I can’t wait to see the finished place!


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