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What we think is just nice this week…

I think I can safely say that things certainly have not eased up here for the dream team, in fact, we are busier than ever! That however is no bad thing and in fact I am rather enjoying all this rushing around – some months are just like that. Dare I say its all really just nice!

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Cloe’s highlight this week is…

Technically this was last weeks highlight but it is just that good I am still riding high from it! It is of course my amazing giant cinnamon bun birthday cake made by the wonder George from Everything Bagels!*

So, last weekend was my birthday… Yes, even the dream team age! Anyway, my boyfriend gave me a lovely itinerary for the day which included a little visit to favourite coffee shop, Brew. There we did the normal thing of buying a delicious coffee and eating all of the samples (the chocolate orange brownie is amazing, just an FYI). Before I knew what was happening the guys who own the shop, George and her partner from Everything Bagels emerged, signing ‘happy birthday,’ with the most amazing cinnamon bun cake, candles and all! I was speechless! Completely and utterly speechless!

Needless to say the giant bun was possibility the best thing I have ever eaten and George’s baking skills clearly know no boundaries! I just wanted to say a quick thank you to my boyfriend, to George and the guys at Brew! It totally made it an awesome birthday and I really hope I can have another one next year…

*Everything Bagels is the AMAZING supplier of bagels to Bagel Boy and they will be opening a new bakery in October! Watch this space for a preview!

My amazing cinnamon bun birthday 'cake'!

My amazing cinnamon bun birthday ‘cake’!

C x

Vicky’s highlight this week is…

The wonderfully healthy and deliciously tempting Acai berry! This week’s been a pretty tough one for me as I’ve been settling into life in full time employment again, packing to move house in every millisecond of spare time I have and to top it off, Ive gone and got myself a stinking cold. That’s why, when I spotted the Big Banana Juice Bar in St. Nick’s food market selling the superfood Acai, I got some down me super quick!


I first discovered the Acai berry in Brazil where they are completely obsessed with the stuff. On nearly every street corner in Rio, you can find a smoothie shop selling Acai iced drinks with heaps of oats and nuts, banana and a host of other healthy snacks on top. Simply the best hangover cure there is. Add to that the brilliant immune shots sold at the Big Banana Juice bar, full of Vitamin C and Echinacea, you’ve got yourself a pretty fabulous cold buster too!

Acai Berries anti oxident fruit  loose on a white background ready to cut out.

Coming from the Acai palm tree which is native to Central and South America, this berry is full of anti-oxidants, even more than the blueberry, fibre, amino acids, vitamins and minerals making it a really tasty way to give your body the good stuff. It isn’t surprising then that the Brazilians have such fabulous bodies drinking Acai all the time! And on that note, I’m going to get myself another tomorrow and show this cold what I’m made of!

V x


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