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What we think is just nice this week…

This post might be slightly late once again, but that certainly does not change the fact that we have some cracking highlights this week!

This week and last week have both felt a bit hectic, all of a sudden the summers chilled out vibe has disappeared and full on autumn busyness has kicked in. Work is super busy, chill time has evaporated and all I seem to be doing is trying to fit things into my diary (yes, I have a diary which I have to live by, I am just that cool)! That of course isn’t at all a bad thing and in fact everything I am trying to squeeze in is ace, I think I am just not used to stepping up a gear after enjoying my lazy summer days!

Anyway, enough with the wafferling! Lets get our highlight on! We’d love to hear what’s been Just Nice this week, so give us a tweet @Its_Just_Nice or comment on our Facebook page! #itsjustnice

Cloe’s highlight this week is…

Winning ‘Cheaper than Chips: Sal Godfrey‘ eBook!

Last week I only bloody went and won a competition on Twitter! I won a lovely copy of Sal Godfrey‘s, of Sal’s Kitchen, Cheaper than Chips!

In my option this is a fantastic little ebook! The whole idea is that these are good hearty recipes, that anyone can make from scratch and that can all be made on a everyday budget. Sal’s methods are nice and simple to follow plus she gives advice on food shopping on a budget, building up a store cardboard and what kitchen utensils you actually need which I think we might all need!

Personally I can’t wait to make the Chicken and Bacon Cassoulet and the Chocolate Sponge withe Chocolate Buttercream! Mmmmmmm, food coma…




Vicky’s  highlight this week is…

photo 1 (1)

Relaxing in France! Whereas all of my colleagues at work  have been left to slog it out back in the UK, I’ve extended my summer by taking a week to chill out in France with my family. Seems as if I’ve been on holiday all year long but I can promise you that this is my last break of the year.

Staying in a house with absolutely stunning views of the Dordogne Valleys, I’ve spent this week sitting on the patio in the sunshine, swimming in the pool and taking in Frances many delicacies, namely the food and wine! With a car full of the stuff and a belly full of french bread and fresh figs I’m all recharged for the hectic work schedule and winter months ahead. It has been a blooming lovely week though and this lovely summer mix by Majestic Casual sums it up perfectly. Vive la France!

V x




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