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Hello Malaysia!

Three weeks ago my life was packed into boxes and bags and on its way to Malaysia with Klynton and myself. The flight was 16 hours of what you expect a 16 hour flight with a three hour stopover in Dubai to be like, clammy and uncomfortable… The one thing that made the journey seem bearable was the fact that Emirates, who we flew with, had a reputation for good service and good food (for plane food), neither of these were true on our flights. However, the red wine was great so you lose some, you win some even better ones.

I’m not really totally into the swing of things over here, just yet. I lived in Bristol for 11 years, I knew it like the back of my hand, this place seems like one giant shopping mall at the moment but I know that Malaysia has a lot more to offer me. Over the next few months I’m going to be sure to update you all with what’s happening over here, it will mostly be things I’ve eaten and pictures of monkeys, but for now here’s what I’ve learnt about Malaysia so far…

  1. It rains a lot

Come to Malaysia they said, you’ll like it they said. They did not mention the epic thunderstorms of biblical proportions! OK, actually everyone did, I just didn’t believe them! This is a very humid country and where I am, Kuala Lumpur, is surrounded by mountains so if you can remember geography from school you can imagine what the storms are like. It’s not all doom and gloom though! When the sun is out it’s beautiful and I’m already a little bit more golden.

photo 4 (1)

  1. The wildlife sucks

My first week here you could play dot to dot from all my mosquito bites, thankfully my body has got used to the little buggers now. But it’s not just the mosquitos that are an issue, at least I know where I am with them, it’s everything else I’m worried about. That big flying bug on my balcony, that kind of looks like a May Bug, well I don’t know if it’s going to bite and kill me! Every bug at the moment is potential death.

No, I am not being dramatic…Oh, the monkeys are awesome! Klynton almost had a fight with one. I honestly never thought I would hear anyone shout at a monkey “I’m bigger than you yeah!”


  1. Malaysians hate pavements

Actually I think it’s more that nobody walks anywhere because it’s too hot so they drive in their air conditioned cars but I love walking so it’s really annoying when this happens…

photo 3


  1. The food is just as good as they say it is

I have no idea what I’m ordering (yet, I am slowly learning the lingo) but it’s all been fantastic so far. Watch out for lots of restaurant reviews, just in case you come here one day and, I’m definitely picking up some of the cooking so I’ll blog the recipes.

photo 2

  1. Don’t go to Changkat

Like the waterfront on a Saturday night only really coked up and listening to shit electro house while cavorting with hookers. It’s like someone who doesn’t know Bristol researches “where to go out in Bristol” and they get told to go to Oceana.

Apart from my Changkat experience, the fear of death from every insect and the storms, Malaysia is pretty cool. I need to get to know her better but, hopefully, once we’re better acquainted we’ll get on just fine.



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3 comments on “Hello Malaysia!

  1. Moritz
    September 12, 2014

    Very nice first experiences. Lucky me did not have a single rainy day since I’m in Malaysia (the good weather came with me). But I’ve already learnt that walking here is not a good idea at all. It feels like all ways are suddenly over at some point 😀

    • frankieapples
      September 12, 2014

      Thank you 🙂 and the pavement situation is very frustrating but I refuse to get a taxi when my legs are just fine. I’d cycle a bike but the drivers are crazy here.

      • Moritz
        September 12, 2014

        Well, good luck with a bike. Did you see one yet? After approxametly 70 hours here, I did not see a single one 😀

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