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The Friday Chair Dancer (this week on a Sunday!)…

Hello from Malaysia!!!! I’ve not been about much to take part in the Friday chair dancer but that is going to change. It’s 4.30pm here, 9.30am your time, so while you’re probably just getting stuck into work I’ve been at it all day and a good old booty shake is calling my name! Of course by the time the girls write their bits we’ll all be in the same place for a chair dancing love in! So without further ado…

This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

Unfortunately the music scene in Malaysia has been exactly what I expected, so far, a bit shit. However, I did go to a music festival last week called Good Vibes which was not awesome but they were playing a lot of dubstep (which I do not really like but it’s a move in the right direction) and some rip off Jus Now tracks so I’m thinking the scene is there, I’ve just not found it yet or Klynton and I just need to bring it! Anyway, hearing some Jus Now wannabes got me wanting some more, and I also missed Notting Hill, so I’ve been searching out the Carnival anthems and the good old Heatwave have provided them all for me in one handy mix. You can enjoy it here too…

F x


This week Vicky’s been chair dancing to…

Well this week was my first week back at work (or 3 days of it)! I’m loving being back in the office and having a bit more purpose to my life once again. I’ve been busy buying bits for my house too and feeling very grown up. This was all in big big contrast to last weekend’s bank holiday debauchery though which included a fair amount of cider and some very very fancy cocktails from one of Bristol’s newest bars, The Bootlegger. Taking over the Hush Hush premises by the arches, this quirky cocktail bar based on America’s prohibition period brought us a lovely night of indulgent cocktails and some alcohol fuelled boogying. In homage to this I’ve been getting down to some old skool James Brown which set the tone of the night perfectly….

V x




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