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The New Girl on the Block…

Being one of the newest members of the It’s Just Nice team, I thought it would be ‘just nice’ to let you all in on my first experiences living in Bristol. I moved from Birmingham 10 months ago (queue the ‘I’m from Birrrrmingham’ or ‘anything for yow cupcake’ taunts) in the search of an exciting new start. Birmingham was just getting so bland and same old but I’d heard great things about Bristol, and I haven’t been disappointed yet!

Bristol just has this vibe about it, I can’t quite explain what it is but when I’m here I just feel at home! I feel motivated and like the world is my oyster. Not to mention the endless array of things to do and see; eateries, pubs, community organised festivals, street art, vintage shops, live music…Wallace and Gromit! – Bristol is just doing it soooo right.


Which Gromit was your favourite!

One thing I love about Bristol is the diverse music scene – now for someone who has a varied taste in music, Bristol fits the bill. If it’s not accidently discovering some awesome tribal drummers on a Friday evening in No 1 Harbourside, drunkenly stumbling across the amazing sounds of SoulWorks in The Take 5 Café on a Saturday night then spending Sunday afternoons listening to local live folk sets in The Canteen! I love it!

Now, it’s safe to say that Bristol knows how to throw a party. This year marks my first ever experience of St Paul’s Carnival, and there is no going back from that. All I can say is WOW – what more could you want from a carnival?! It was a fabulous array of glitter, tropical colours, rum, day drinking, street parties and booty shaking – all of those being my favourite things.


How amazing do these ladies look!

Then there is Prohibition Bristol, organised by our wonderful Frankie and Meg (is there anything they don’t do), which really made an impression on me. Little did I know when I stepped in through that door that I would be about to LITERALLY step back into the 1920’s. What a venue – The Milk Thistle blew me away. The authentic 20’s entertainment was out of this world, and then there was gin… lots of gin, an event not to be missed!

Me and Laura!

Me and Laura!

I’ve also witnessed, and tasted, the most awesome food going in Bristol. Personal fav’s include the ‘monster munch’ burger and ‘deep-fried gherkins’ in Start the Bus, because who doesn’t love all things deep-fried!? Bagel Boy with it’s yummy carby deliciousness and not forgetting St Nick’s market where you can order pie and mash, jerk chicken, Moroccan cous cous and pulled pork baps all under one roof. And I can’t not mention the darling Ethel’s cream tea tower from Cox and Baloney tearooms. Anything you have a taste for, no doubt Bristol has it. FACT!

Tea and Scones

Tea and Scones

I’ve learnt my fair share of Bristolian language too since living in Bristol. Some of my favourites being: ‘gert lush’ (you what now?), ‘cheers drive’, ‘where you to?’ and ‘alright me luvver’… Now I don’t feel too upset about being a Brummie!

"I’m on a boat!’ – Bristol boat party with the besties

“I’m on a boat!’ – Bristol boat party with the besties

Finally, and most importantly, I have met some absolutely amazing, life of the party, genuinely lovely folk in Bristol. They’ve made my settling in here easy and my partying drunkenly hilarious – Shout out to you all! It’s fair to say I won’t be going anywhere any time soon!

The crew all together! (minus Cloe..)

You gotta love a group shot!

Stay tuned for more posts from me soon!

H x


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