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The only Raspberry Jam recipe you will ever need! (thanks to Vale House and Vivien Lloyd)

In my previous post I told you all about the lovely day I spent at Vale House Kitchen learning how to make jam’s, jellies and cordials with the wonderful Vivien Lloyd! In that post I promised to share her secrets on creating the perfect raspberry jam so, I give you all, the ONLY jam recipe you will ever need!

The beauty about this recipe is it is the perfect base to get your creative juices flowing! You can let your imagination run wild with flavour combinations. As long at you get the base right the world is your oyster!

Beautiful simple raspberry jam

Beautiful simple raspberry jam

The base recipe!

1kg Raspberries*

1kg granulate cane sugar

*If you use frozen add 10% more

Some suggested extras! 

3-4tbs Good quality gin

3-4tbs Port

1 Vanilla pod scraped

35g Peppermint leafs in a muslim bag tied with string

45ml Fruit wine


Go with gin… just saying!

1. Pre-heat your oven to 120/140C. Place the raspberries into a large, deep heavy bottomed pan and simmer on a low-meduim for about 5-10 minutes until your fruit is nice and soft.

If you wanted to add in an extra such as the vanilla pod seeds or pepper mint muslim bag this will go in with your raspberries now.


2. While your fruit is softening pop your sugar into a heat proof dish and put it into the oven to warm.

Top tip – You warm the sugar so it is easier to dissolve.

3. Remove the sugar from the oven and put your jars into warm.

Warning: From this moment onwards don’t get distracted until your jam it’s in the jar

4. Pour the sugar into your nicely softened fruit and get stirring with a mental spoon. Keep string until the sugar has dissolved.

Top tip – You use a mental spoon so you can feel when the sugar has dissolved

5. Now once all of the sugar has dissolved bring your jam to a rolling boil.* Let it stay like this for about 4 minutes until setting point is reached. I would highlight recommend using a timer!

*A rolling boil really is quiet large and rather intimidating looking boil – but have no fear its meant to look like Mount Vesuvius is erupting in your pan, hence the use of a deep pan.

Top tip – You can tell you jam is at setting point and ‘avoid setting anxiety’ by using the wonderful ‘flake test’. To perform this marvellous test use your mental spoon and dip it into your jam. Turn it on its side and when a ‘flake’ appears on the edge of the spoon it has reached its setting point! Nice, simple and no fancy cooking thermometer or cold plates in sight!


A rolling boil


The ‘flake’ test in action

6. Once you have reached your jam’s set point turn off the heat and leave to stand for a few minutes.*

*You can officially now look at Twitter again, but only for a minute!

7. Now it is time to remove the scum off the top! Using a clean metal spoon push the scum (sort of white layer on the top of the jam) to the side and then remove from your pan.

8. Gently stir your jam.

If you are adding gin or another delicious liquid now is the time to stir it in.

Top Tip – Use a clean teaspoon to have a little taste of your master piece!

9. It is time to jar up! Remove your jars from the oven and using a funnel and a tea towel (for the hot jars)  fill your jars right to the top. The just pop the lids on!

Top tip – To get your lid firmly on click it once anti clockwise then turn clockwise with all of your might. This will ensure that your beauty jam is safely sorted away!

Jarring up!

Jarring up!

At Vale House we made a fantastic selection of vanilla and raspberry, port and raspberry, gin and raspberry, peppermint and raspberry and just good old raspberry! I have to say my personal favourite is the gin and raspberry, however now you have the base recipe the world of flavours can be yours to experiment with!
Our effort for the day

Our effort for the day

If you do come up with an amazing jam then why not consider entering into the World Jampionships! Yes, thats right there is a Jampionships! It’s a pretty cool event and my favourite bit about it is that anyone can enter, they even have a category for first timers. So, get inspired, get in the kitchen and lets get preserving!

If you do want any more information on Vale House Kitchen or the World Jampionships please check out their website: and

Vivien having a sneaky little taste!

Vivien having a sneaky little taste!


2 comments on “The only Raspberry Jam recipe you will ever need! (thanks to Vale House and Vivien Lloyd)

  1. Tracey Baxter
    August 7, 2014

    A Jamazing, Jamtastic article that Team Jam totally love. This would be the one article that we would not hesitate to send our novice and first time jam makers to. It is funny, informative and simply makes you want to JAM. Encouraging, inspiring….just love it! Spreads “Jam Love” without doubt!

    • Cloe Grimsey
      August 7, 2014

      What a lovely comment – thank you so so much! I had such a good time and it really has inspired me to get jam making! Please feel free to send over to any novices that might enjoy it and yes it is all about spreading the “Jam Love”! I am now officially an addict! (Keep your eyes peeled in next year entries!!)

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