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What we think is just nice this week…

Summer is here! We’ve all been so lucky this year to have been able to get our pasty selves out into the garden for more than one day… Here’s to hoping it stays! With sunshine though comes a relentless parade of major festivals, one-day street parties and BBQs (not that I’m complaining), and this weekend is no different as the incredibly stunning Harbour Festival hits the Bristol Docks.

With a gigantic array of activities hitting Bristol’s city centre this weekend (18th – 20th July), it’s again time to get that sunscreen out (fingers crossed), grab yourself some scrumpy and get ship shape and Bristol fashion! Check out the huge music, dance, family friendly and boating line-up for the weekend. See you there!

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This week Vicky’s highlight is…

image (7)Since I’ve been back home, every weekend has been a mad one. Like I said above, whether you’ve been to Glasto, St. Pauls, drank far too much Pimms in the garden or just generally over-indulged, this time of year is a marathon of fun. Good times of course, but everyone needs a little pamper time to recover from the late nights and morning headaches.

This week, I’ve been recovering in preparation for the Harbour Fest this weekend and Secret Garden Party the next with some good old fashioned chill time. Yes, yes, I know it’s easier for me to do that without a job but everyone has an hour spare every now and then to pop on an old skool film, paint their nails or have a bath.

I’ve been indulging in the latter this week, trying to get as much use of my rents hot tub. Not only is it super calming to have a soak, but it’s also great for anyone who like me has been over-doing the gym a little. With bubbles or without, get yourself into that tub and RREEELLLAAXXXX as there’s a hell of a lot more fun heading your way!

20140716-145407-53647607.jpgThis week Cloe’s highlight is…

Rock of Ages!*

On Friday night Lawrence and I got our glad rags on and got ourselves down to the Bristol Hippodrome to go and see the wonderfully cheesy Rock of Ages! Now, if you haven’t seen the film this might be slightly lost on you. However, if you have seen the film you will understand why we had such a jolly good time (even if you hated the film you understand)!

Essentially a bit of a cheesy love story set in the 80’s to awesome rock songs! There was lots of very revealing outfits on stage and even Noel from Hear’Say (think way back to Popstars) popped up… All we could really do was embraced all of that, which is a lot to embrace, and enjoy it for what it was! I even did join in on some very embarrassing signing and clapping at the end!

It was a very fun evening and we both left the Hippodrome ready to rock!

*This weeks highlight fully confirms that I am very uncool indeed!



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