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What we think is just nice this week…

Doesn’t time just fly! I can’t believe that Glastonbury is once again a distant memory for another year and St Paul’s Carnival is already done and dusted. Where are the days and even months melting away too? It feels like summer is running away with me and I definitely haven’t had as many BBQ’s as I should have! But that could be just me…

Anyway, enough of my simple ponders – it’s time to get on with the highlights!

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20140709-151447-54887681.jpgThis week Cloe’s highlight is…

My Everything Bagels Custard Tart!

Now I know I bang on about these guys all the time but I have to say, they are just wonderful! George is the baker and what she manages to produce is pure magic – I think I adore everything she makes but I am probably a little bit to obsessed with her cinnamon buns (just ask the guys at Brew Coffee)! In my defence they really are just so ruddy tasty!

However, this weeks highlight has to be her custard tart! I have never really been a custard tart kind of girl however Lawrence always bangs on about how great they are so last weekend at the Whiteladies Famers Market I brought a Everything Bagels tart (along with lots of other goodies to keep me stocked up for 2 weeks) and I have to say it was amazing! Every little bite was so delicate but rich in flavour all perfectly balanced with flaky and light pastry. It was so lovely and sweet, but not overly so. I have to admit I am a truly converted!

In other news Everything Bagels are opening there very first bakery in October and I can hardly wait and we have been invited to get a behind the scenes look! As you can probably guess I am super excited about it and I have to say Bristol we are certainly in for a treat!

This week Vicky’s highlight is…

Yes, I know this is the second time my highlight has been St. Paul’s Carnival, but it really really really was unbelievable. After a rainy start to last Saturday, the sun came out to the max by the time the Carnival began and by mid-afternoon the 100,000 plus people who showed up to dance and be merry were in full force.

I’m sure we’re all aware that there was some violence at this year’s Carnival but I wanted to make sure that it be known that for myself, as well as the majority of revellers last weekend, there was absolutely no violence. All I encountered were smiles, some outstanding dancing in the street and a whole lot of love for St. Pauls and Bristol in general. I for one, don’t want a few (who it has been reported came from outside of Bristol), to ruin this beautiful celebration forever. LONG LIVE ST. PAULS!!!


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