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What we think is just nice this week…

Hello Bristolians! We hope you have all recovered from Glastonbury by now? If not, get a move on because it’s Carnival time again! We at It’s Just Nice can’t wait for this Saturday the 5th, as the gloriously loud and beautiful St. Pauls Carnival is back again for another fantastic street party.

Starting at 12pm, the Carnival is hoping to attract another 100,000 people this year, shutting down St. Pauls and opting instead for huge bass music, a colourfully stunning masquerade and LOTS of their famous Jerk chicken and Red Stripe. So, get ready for some serious music on the 14 stages that’ll be pumping out bass all day, we’re particularly excited about seeing one of our favourites Jus Now, on the Redbull Stage where they kicked ass in the baking heat last year. Bring on St Pauls 2014!!!

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This week Vicky’s highlight is…

image (5)I’m super excited about St. Pauls Carnival this year, especially as a best mate of mine has recently moved right to the heart of it! With a stage at either end of her street, we’ll be ready to enjoy the Carnival to its fullest. That means not only do I get to party all day and all night with everyone I haven’t seen since I got back, but I get an easy access toilet and a bath filled with ice to keep my Thatcher’s cold all icy and delicious. AMAZING! As such, I’ve put together my St. Pauls 2014 outfit for maximum ease and dance-ability…image (4)


Standard cream cons with a black and white dress from H&M covered by a T-shirt from the one and only (and Bristol-based…feeling the local love today) Entirety Clothing. They’ve got an awesome range of hoodies, T’s and some super sweet sunnies for this year. Topped off with a Topshop denim jacket for the unpredictable weather, and i’m ready to shake my booty!

 This week Cloe’s highlight is…

Random signs!

This is a very random highlight, but isn’t it great when you are walking down the street and you see a slightly surprising sign. This week I have had the pleasure of encountering 2 such signs that made me giggle! The first was at my favorite coffee place Brew on Whiteladies. They have a sandwich board outside their little place, like most coffee shops, and this weeks sign was seasonally timed with Glastonbury – ‘We may not have Dolly Parton, but we are working 9-5 (well, 9-6 actually)’. So simple, but so effective and it certainly made my morning a good one!


Next up was when I was walking by Colston Hall and in the corner of my eye I spotted ‘The Unicorns’ sign. I was instantly compelled to think of Unicorns being made to walk round the back and go into Colston Hall via dark little entrance – ‘Unicorns this way please…’ (In order to not ruin my illusion I haven’t Googled what its actually for). Bottom line is Unicorns are real and this is how they get into Colston Hall!



This week Meg’s highlight is…

DOLLY freaking PARTON!

On Sunday I was one of 175,000 who were completely and utterly blown away by the Queen of Country herself, and I’m now totally obsessed. When Dolly was first announced to headline Glasto’s legendary Sunday afternoon slot I was a bit non-nonplussed. My parents have never been into Country, so my knowledge of Dolly’s music was very limited but hey, she’s a legend – I was always going to go and see her. How unprepared I was!

The boobs, the hair, the white bejewelled catsuit, the Benny Hill theme tune of a tiny rhinestoned sax, TUNE AFTER TUNE!! I’ve never spent an hour so completely in awe of a performer and I’ve never ever seen a performance so slick, professional and so downright entertaining. As well as playing pretty much every instrument on stage she was without a doubt the most charming, charismatic person I’ve ever encountered – she could have stood on stage and talked for an hour and the audience would have hung on her every word.

So this Dolly nay-sayer has been well and truly converted and to celebrate let’s listen to my new favourite track, which I’ve listened to approximately 29 times today!

This week Frankie’s highlight is…




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