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The Bristol Tourist Inspiration Station!

Today is the launch of the very wonderful and inspiring Tourist Inspiration Station down at No. 1 Harbourside. So, what is this allusive Tourist Inspiration Station I hear you cry… Well let me introduce you!


The Tourist Inspiration Station is a pilot project that will be on thoughtout July. The point of it is to explore new ways of showing off about our wonderful city to people who come and visit. It is starting with focusing on revolutionising how our visitors are given advice when they come and visit. This advice is called an ‘Inspiration Consultation’ and has the aim of providing a free and personalised itinerary of things to do, places to see, venues to visit all based on their likes and interests. How ruddy awesome is that!

They are going to be open from 10am—6pm, seven days a week thoughtout July down at No. 1 Harbourside. Even George Ferguson has popped down for a visit!


This wonderful project is the master mind and cofounded by a friend of mine  James Coomber and his friend Jamie Pike. James is also the man behind the Harbousrside Market and Cycle the City – both of which are awesome!

Cycle the City in particular is an marvellous way to explore Bristol. Basically they offer a range of cycling tours on very beautiful vintage styled bicycles! They do everything from a beer tasting tour to a tour that includes a boat ride. You can even order a Vintage Picnic containing bubbly, locally sourced food, rugs, an iPod dock and a map to a perfect riverside picnic location – What an ace way to see the city and what a perfect summers day treat.


I love the idea of the Tourist Inspiration Station and I will certainly be popping down this weekend to get a  ‘Inspiration Consultation’ even though I already live here. I reckon they will set me an itinerary that will make me see our lush city in a new way and I have to say I am already excited!

For more information about them check out their site ( and if you are visiting Bristol over the summer make sure you go and say hello to these lot to make sure that you get the most out of your visit!


One comment on “The Bristol Tourist Inspiration Station!

  1. nettastrophe
    July 3, 2014

    You guys should pop in soon and write down some of your own tips – I wrote down a fair few things like the Bris-Bath cycle path, St Werburghs (for farm, cafe, roast at the pub, Boiling Wells and Narroways) and my favourite roast dinner places 🙂

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