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The Friday Chair Dancer

Ooooh it feels like ages since we’ve done a proper chair dancing post, but with the sun shining and Glastonbury just around the corner we can’t think of any reasons NOT to be having a monumental chair rave this afternoon!

Whatever you have planned this weekend make the most of the glorious weather and get it off to a bouncing start by getting our musical highlights in your ears right now!

Happy Friday you lovely bunch!


This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

This lovely little summery number from Lilly Wood & The Prick & Robin Schulz.

I know nothing about any of these guys (someone tell me who The Prick is?!) but this track featured in a mix our lovely friend Hannah sent us the other day, and it’s been on repeat in my headphones ever since.  It’s got everything a perfect summer tune needs – dreamy vocals, an oh-so-catchy guitar hook, and an Ibiza worthy bassline.

This is summer house at its best and I LOVE IT!

This week Frankie’s chair dancing too…

Well it’s the last chair dancer before Glasto (can’t believe Miss Meg up there hasn’t shouted about that yet, she’s more excited about Glastonbury than anyone I’ve ever met in my life) so mine’s going to have a Glasto ting about it. I think we may, possibly have mentioned that Duchess AKA Meg and Myself will be DJing at the Rum Shack 4am Saturday evening/ Sunday morning? Anyway… we’ve got an hour to play as much booty shaking tropical bass as we possibly can and, man, it’s hard! There are so many tracks that we love to play that sqeezing them all in is going to be a musical mission, but we’re up for it. However, I can 100% gurarentee, without fail, that I am going to drop this song and if you’re there I want to see you whine it like a gyspy.



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