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Escape to Cuba – Prohibition style!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on some rather lovely rum fuelled cocktail tasting which I took part in for new next Prohibition party. Well guess what – the party is this Friday!

That’s right Bristol, on Friday night we should all be escaping to Cuba to drink our body weight in rum and dance our 1920’s style socks off! It’s time to turn back the clock and get ourselves down to the very suitable and extremely wonderful Milk Thistle for a night of debauchery – Prohibition style!

If you don’t know what all of this Prohibition malarkey is about I’ll give you a quick overview. Back in 1920’s, the American Goverment decided, mainly for religious reason, to ban the sale, production, importation, and transportation of all alcoholic beverages! This, however, did not actually stop people from drinking and a huge underground culture emerged. This sub culture of society was notoriously wild and is why the 1920’s is often referred to the roaring 20’s. They essentially knew how to have a bloody good illegal party!

Back in the day, and in a genius marketing move, the original Cuban white rum Bacardi would invite the Americans to “Escape to Cuba” where Prohibition wasn’t enforced and American’s could drink to their heart’s content. Bacardi reps would even greet their guests off the plane with a Mojito! Doesn’t that sound wonderful?!

In homage to these crazy parties Prohibition Bristol is hosting it very own version, where for one night only we’re all going to be able to enjoy just a taste of exotic escapism, complete with complimentary rum,  glittering burlesque, fabulous live music, a Bacardi master class and of course – sparkling company!

Tickets have now sold out, but I strongly advise you keep an eye on @prohibitionbris for news on future events.

So if you’re coming get yourself in the mood by watching a bit of Great Gatsby or Boardwalk Empire – they’ve both inspired me and have got me rather excited about getting my glad rags on! And if you missed out on tickets this time round we promise we’ll give you a full round up of all the fabulous fun and frivolity next week!

For more information check out their site –






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