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What we think is just nice this week…

It maybe a day late but we still want to share our highlights this week! However, I think we can all be in agreement with one major highlight of the last week – all of this amazing weather! We were certainly spoilt with lots of beautiful sunshine last weekend and I can tell you there was quite a bit of sunburn on show in the office on Monday! That’s always a source of amusement for me – I think is partly driven by the fact I am like the sun lotion police (and always a little smug about that)!

I am sure we all have our fingers crossed that the sunshine will return for the bank holiday which of course is another shared highlight! If you fancy sharing a highlight this week then give us a tweet @Its_Just_Nice or comment on our Facebook page! #itsjustnice

This week Cloe’s highlight is…


It certainly was an ace shopping trip!


This is probably one of my girl-iest highlights to date, but last Saturday I actually went shopping in a shop! To be honest that probably doesn’t sound that remarkable but due to various reasons it was the first time in a very, very long time that I’ve actually done that! And do you know what? I had myself a marvellous time! I usually hate the looking, the trying to find the sizes, the taking everything off just to put it on again, but shopping for summer clothes all just seemed so easy!

So, after trying on far too many clothes and after a big faff I kind of went into “f**k it” mode and brought myself everything I liked! Sometimes a big blow out is worth it, and to be honest we do all need to treat ourselves! Take it from me – take some time and go shopping! Also, make sure you leave your guilt at home and buy everything that you love, you deserve it!


This week Meg’s highlight is…

Love Saves The Day!

I’m sure I’m not the only person in our humble city who’s raaaaather excited about this weekend, not just for the fact that it’s a long’un, but because on Saturday and Sunday our very own dance festival, Love Saves The Day, arrives in Castle Park!

I missed LSTD last year (I can’t remember why, but I remember kicking myself, as the weather was glorious!) but this year I was a big old keener and got my tickets early.

If I’m honest I’m more excited about going to a festival on my door step than I am about the line up, but that said I can’t wait to have a good rave – with the likes of Annie Mac, Eats Everything and Clean Bandit heading up the line up it’s going to be impossible not to!

So come rain or shine I’m going to be caking myself in glitter and kicking off festival season in my very own city! It doesn’t get much better than that!




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