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The Friday Chair Dancer

The sun is out and the end of the day can not come soon enough!!! I have been feeling a bit boxed in today so bring on the weekend and bring on more super lush days. What better way to welcome them in with a little chair dance – Do it, you know you want to…

This week Cloe’s chair dancing to…

Old school garage!

You have heard me correctly, today I have been loving my old school garage and it has had my bum wiggling. I have chosen an absolutely classic that will certainly get you in the mood for the weekend! I am very happy right now.


This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

Soca, Soca, Soca!

Come rain or shine I always want to dance, but if there’s one sure fire way to get me itching to bust out some moves it’s a gloriously sunny Friday like this!

Frankie and I are DJing at The Old Stillage in Redfield tonight, so we’ve been listening to loads of new Tropical bass to work into our set, and this track has been on repeat for me since Frankie played it on our radio show on Wednesday.

Soca music just screams sunshine, and this track from Soca giant Bunji Garlin and It’s Just Nice favourites Major Lazer is my current obsession. It’s literally one of the best tracks I’ve heard in SO long, and I’m currently wining in my chair as I type.

So if you’re feeling the summer vibes this afternoon turn this up loud and pretend it’s Carnival!

This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

Some dutty bass! This is a new track from Jillionaire who just so happens to be one third of major lazer. This is big room shit. This is the sort of music that makes your face screw up and the arms raise high, disco guns being waved around wildly with no consideration for the safety of others around you. You don’t really dance to this, you bend your knees and kind of just shove your bum out. Is this all just me? Have a listen and let us know…



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