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Cocktail tasting for the next Prohibition party… It’s rum’o clock!

Last week I kindly got invited by Miss Megala and Lady Franks to a cocktail tasting for there next amazing Prohibition party. They invited a set of local and very wonderful bloggers from all round Bristol and for me it was lush chance to finally put some faces to some twitter handles!

The theme of the evening was cocktails of the rum, rum and more rum persuasion! I have to admit I certainly did leave the Milk Thistle with a rum fuzz on – a sort of hazy, warm feeling which you can get from drinking just rum. It kinda feel just nice!

So down to the details – We were given a lovely menu with the running order of the specially designed cocktails. Ash was our bartender for the evening and she is super lush! Funnily enough I knew her many years ago so for me it was wonderful to see a familiar face – what a small world! She introduced each cocktail with a bit of history of how it came about and she answered our random questions on all things rum (and other drinks). All I can say is what that lady knows about cocktails is amazing, it was so ace to get a bit of education!


Ash shaking her stuff (literally!)

The whole evening was based on “Escape to Cuba”! Essentially in the actual Prohibition era Bacardi invited Americans to “Escape to Cuba” where they where able to drink! Apparently the Bacardi reps would even greet them off the plane with a Mojito! That should be the only way to travel!


Before the cocktails ramblings begin its important to say that the tickets are now on sale and worth checking out because if the cocktail night was anything to go by its going to be one heck of a party!

Back to the task in hand…


The Rum Rickey

Cocktail No.1 – Rum Rickey

This short cocktail was nice, fresh and very drinkable. I found it a bit sour but what was nice is that it wasn’t too sharp. Ash explained how it could be made sweeter and how she could even use different fruits in it. Another important point is that Franks drank hers in about 3 seconds! The phase “when in Rome” springs to mind!


El Presidente with a Rum Rickey chaser

Cocktail No.2 – El Presidente

This was a really good looking cocktail, served in a vintage champagne glass. It was sweet, a little black forest gateau like with a lovely hint of orange. It also has a sun dried cherry in the bottom which was amazing! Like seriously so good!

2 down and this one is my favourite so far and sun dried cherries are the way forward. It was my turn to drink a cocktail 3 seconds flat.

Cocktail No.3  – Papa Doble

This is a bit weird but I have to say this cocktail smelt amazing! However, it wasn’t really my bag because its quite sharp on the tongue, sour and very citrusy.


My new love – the Daiquiri

Cocktail No.4  – Daiquiri

You may have spotted that I already did this certain cocktail as my highlight last week… That kinda should speak for itself. This cocktail was super tasty and was my clear favourite! Ash did her self very proud with this one getting only 3 ingredients to balance perfectly. It was sweet but not sickly, super moorish  and very easy to drink! I totally feel in love with this classic.

Cocktail No4.5  The Cuban Club

This was a little cocktail that wasn’t on the menu but we sneaked it in (hence the 4.5). Anyway, this little beauty was once again served in a vintage cocktail glass which made everyone instantly like it. It was based on the traditional  Clover Club that is normally made with gin, however Ash gave it a Cuban twist by making it with rum and pineapple. We all passed round the lovely little glass and I have to say everyone’s eyes lit up after they had a sip. In a word it was sensational.


Planters punch among some empty glasses…

Cocktail No. 5 – Planters punch

This apparently was a tiki style cocktail with lots of juicy flavours. It was served in a very beautiful punch bowl but I have to admit that by this time I may have had enjoyed myself a little bit too much so I can’t remember a huge amount about it! All I remember is that it comes with a poem and it was bloody tasty!

Overall, it was a lush, lush evening and has totally got me excited about the event itself. I believe that these cocktail will be available on the menu on the night and I highly recommend just going for it and having them all! The wonderful Ash should be there too so you know you will be getting the best and yo will probably find me sat at the bar 5 Daiquiri’s in!

So, when is the Escape to Cuba happening! It is on Friday the 13th June at the Milk Thistle. Not only will the night feature amazing cocktails there will be great selection of cabaret, burlesque, live music, DJs and much more!

Tickets are now on sale, but get in quick because last year they sold out in under a week.

The other bloggers that were there and who are certainly worth checking out are; A life less organised (@Shonette), Food with mustard (@foodwithmustard), Simple Lampoon (@simplelampoon), The Bristol life (@KBowBristol) and Bristol Foodie (@rebecca_sargent).


Not bad for a week night!


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