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Spotlight on Penny Tristram: Artist, writer and life drawing teacher!

Last week the 3 of us pottered over to Hamilton House /Canteen to meet up with one of Bristol’s very talented and very Bristol loving artists – Penny Tristram!

Penny is the brains and the creative force behind Le Art Corner, and is currently based in a  studio in Hamilton House. She’s had several pretty awesome exhibitions over the last couple of years. As an artist she works for commissions and she also provides marketing material for creative business and artists. There’s even talk of a possible feature at Glastonbury this year with some interactive unicorns – I finding it hard to contain myself at even just the thought of this!


Penny is a jack of all trades (but we hasn’t to add a master at all!) and seems to be involved in all sorts of wonderful and exciting projects – namely her life drawing course with a difference! Now I’m sure when you think of life drawing you conjure an image of relativity stuffy looking people, all sat in silence, crowded around an old, wrinkly, naked man who seems to have a vacant stare… nice! But this is certainly not the vibe that Penny’s course is going for.

I am going to go off topic for just a sec, but literally 2 months ago I was sat with girls and I made the decision to get a hobby! Yes, as geeky as it sounds I wanted to start doing something creative and productive with my spare time.

Enter the idea of life drawing classes! And enter Penny’s life drawing course in Hamilton House!

So, on the 15th May I shall be embarking on my first life drawing class in about nearly 10 years! Its going to be exciting! But anyway, let me get back to the point of why Penny’s new life drawing course is not going to be so ordinary…

First of all – She has costumes! Yes that’s right – she has theatrical costumes! Each week she is going to ‘set the stage’ for the models and then we all get to draw not just a naked person, but give it some context. When I asked her if it was ‘going to be a bit sexy,’ she politely laughed and explained that’s not really the vibe but she does have a burlesque performer as one of her lined up models…just sayin’!


On the topic of models there will be a new one every week so everything will stay fresh. She explained that so many people actually want to be life drawing models these days she has really been able to choose wisely – not just very attractive men and women. Her aim is to provide a variety, but I’m not gonna lie – a bit of eye candy each week would be just fine with me!

Another pretty ace element is she is going to have music – hopefully a live pianist! No stuffy silent rooms here!


She has also informed us that there are still places if any of you want to get a hobby just like me. It is prebook only and you can find out more here. As I said, the course starts on the 15th in Hamilton House and I’m feeling VERY excited about rekindling an old love. However, I’m a little sceptical as to whether I’m actually still going to be able to do it!

If you can’t make it on the 15th then you could also consider one of her life drawing hen parties! That’s right, a life drawing hen party – how ace would that be! All the details can be found here.

And back to the very lovely Penny! (and less of me banging on about starting a new ‘hobby’)


We wanted to get more of an understanding of what she about loves Bristol and why she has chosen to live here. Her answer was simple, she loves the vibe! Penny has done London, she’s done Brighton and Bristol just out-does them.

She moved into Hamilton House in January 2012 and quite simply hasn’t looked back ever since. She explained that  this place made her what she is and has given her the opportunity to be a professional artist. It was such a lush thing to hear.

After getting a sneak peak around her studio space I think we all fell a little bit in love with her artwork. Unfortunately she had done a presentation to The Brownies the night before (how ace is that?) so didn’t have a huge amount up there. However, we did spy that she is currently working on a My Little Pony / Unicorn inspired coat of arms for Bristol!  I actually found it pretty hard to contain myself once again, due to my LOVE of all things unicorn!


Other pieces of Penny’s work can be found on her site ( and like I said – she seems to be doing all sorts of amazing stuff… We will keep you posted!




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