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Food Connections Bristol Festival

We love our food at It’s Just Nice! With this in mind, we thought we’d better share what’s happening at the pretty epic Food Connections Bristol Festival which starts this weekend!

Last night I went to a rather wonderful cocktail tasting (a post will follow soon), but here I met with an old friend and fellow blogger Becci Sargent from Bristol Foodie. She’s been working on the Food Connections Bristol Festival Food Trail and gave me some ace insider tips on what to do this weekend!

So, originally I’d just thought Food Connection was all about the Eat Drink Bristol Fashion stuff that’s happening in Queen’s Square – the pretty awesome pop up restaurants by some of the most famous local chefs, the beautiful tipi village, lots of live music and the English tapas, which is highly recommended. But I was wrong! It is sooooo much more!


It’s basically a massive amount of awesome, affordable and accessible events running across the whole city for 11 days! There will be producer markets, a huge food trail (which Becky organised), good food walks, cookery classes and demos, LOADS of special offers happening everyday, pop up restaurants and loads more! I am not kidding, its massive!

So, what is actually on… The best place for all the info is their website But because there is so much going on we have used Becky’s insider knowledge to recommend a few highlights which I am actually going to try and get to.

First of all I have to start with Eat Drink Bristol Fashion. I’ve sort of explained what’s on here, but seeing it really is believing. Queen’s Square gets transformed into a lush mini festival and some amazing chefs get involved in their fine dining pop up restaurants. We’re going to go to The Pony and Trap Sunday lunch service, but check out their listings for more details.


Next up we have the amazing Slow Food – Ark of taste market and pop up pizzeria which is happening on College Green 3rd-5th May. Their aim is to introduce you to a wide range of new foods that you can certainly not find in your local Tesco! They will be showcasing about 20 artisan UK producers who represent endangered foods and techniques. This is a must for any foodies out there!

They will also be hosting a pop up pizzeria with a difference! They will be showcasing how real artisan pizzas are made using traditional techniques. Basically super tasty and super authentic pizzas! What more could you want…


More Pizza!

This is meant to be a real treat – Harts Bakery is turning into a pizzeria for only night only once again! This is one event not to miss. Its 5-9pm and there is no booking, no plates just great pizza! Becky said get there early to avoid disappointment.


Now next must – ‘The business of pleasure: how to make a career out of eating and drinking! This is a set of amazing panel sessions at the At-Bristol Science Centre which is designed for anyone who loves a bit of food!

My personal pick – How to be a food stylist/photographer: Ready Steady Shoot! Each session is only £5 but you can go to all of them for £20. This is a total must for anyone who wants to open a cafe, cookery school, start a restaurant or just be a food blogger! Get the industry knowledge which to be honest you would find hard to get anywhere else. Check out their page for all of the details on all of the sessions!


Finally how could we not mention Becky’s amazing Food Connections Food Trail!

We all know how ace Bristol is for our quite frankly amazing independent food businesses, and this is what is being celebrated! The food trail includes restaurants, cafes, shops, bakeries, street food and pop ups in all corners of the city. The idea is to get us into these lush places and try our local produce!

There will be lots of discounts and specials on so it is certainly worth investigating wherever you are in the city! People like Boston Tea Party, Better Food Company, Mark’s Bread, No. 1 Harbourside, Poco, The Rummer and many, many more are involved.

Check out their page to get all of the details and listings.

So, basically the Food Connection’s Festival is going to be pretty epic, so make sure you get down there and enjoy this very special event! Don’t miss out!


All pictures are from the Food Connections website.


2 comments on “Food Connections Bristol Festival

  1. nettastrophe
    May 2, 2014

    I am so excited about Food Connections. Definitely want to get along for some Hart’s pizza (and the rest), but the list of things I’m supposed to be going to is now quite ridiculous…most of this weekend will be spent pottering and seeing what I find I reckon (ie. ALL the street food)!

    • Cloe Grimsey
      May 2, 2014

      That is my plan too! There is so much stuff going on but Slow Food and Eat, Drink, Bristol Fashion are on my hit list tomorrow! I am also going to try and get to the Sausage festival tomorrow too!A weekend of non stop foodie enjoyment me thinks! xx

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