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The Friday Chair Dancer

Wow, this short week has messed with my system! On Tuesday I was all like “Woop! Short week!”  Then by Wednesday it was a bit “Oh…it’s only Wednesday”. Thursday then felt like Friday (very disappointing) and now Friday feels like the most overly anticipated day ever! All in all – very confusing!

The upside to this confusion however, is that now that it actually IS Friday it feels SO good! Franks and I will be DJing at The Plough in Easton tonight, so if our chair dancers get you going then come down for a dance – it’s free entry and we’ll be playing some amazing Tropical Bass and dancing like nutters – what more do you want?!

Happy Friday lovelies – get chair dancing!

This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

This one’s an oldie but SUCH a goodie! It’s Yeah, by Boys Noize, and if this doesn’t get you chair dancing then you officially have no soul.

I rediscovered this track as it was featured in Skrillex’s Glastonbury 2013 round up, which he shared a couple of weeks ago. It’s 8 minutes long, so it’s a bit of an investment, but it’s such a perfect representation of how bloody mental Glastonbury is, and anyone who’s been will agree with me – it’s spot on!

This track features in the video and just sums up exactly what I want to be doing right now – raving, with my hands in the air, disco guns out, bass face on, loving life!

This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

I feel like I’ve not had a proper Friday in ages. The sort of Friday where you get way too excited about the weekend, start dancing in your chair as soon as you get in, and have a lunch that is a bit too long. What am I talking about? That’s every Friday (I work really hard, honest, I do).

Because Meg and I are playing at the Plough tonight, and because the Plough is always such an amazing gig, I’m going to play a track that I’m definitely going to drop. It’s a song I’ve listened to every single day since I first heard it (no joke! Every. Single. Day!). It is, of course….

Major Lazer- Come on to me (Featuring Sean Paul) STAND ON YOUR SWIVEL CHAR, IMMEDIATELY, AND DANCE!



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