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The Friday Chair Dancer…

I don’t know about you lot but I feel like I need a good dance this week to welcome in the weekend! The sun is in full swing(ish) and Spring is finally on its way. So bring on the weekend and bring on the dancing!


This week Cloe’s been chair dancing to…

Disclosure! Namely Latch which feature’s Sam Smith.

I know this track has been round for a while but walking into work this morning it just put a bit of a spring in my step! The Disclosure boys are bloody brilliant and I think they are an ace way to start your weekend. Enjoy!


This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

Ok…hands up…this is hugely self indulgent, but do you know what? It’s our blog and if we can’t be a tad self indulgent every now and again then what’s the point in blogging?!

Anyway, my chair dancer this week is a mix that Frankie and I recorded when we played out last week at the Redfest Fundraising night at The Old Stillage in Redfield. Considering I was battling a monster hangover and Franks was a good few glasses into a bottle of red I’m pretty bloody proud of this, especially as we back to backed the whole thing!

So if the sun is making you feel like you need some summery vibes in your ears then stick our Tropical Mooombahton mix in your ears – I promise you won’t be disappointed!



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