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Bristol Fashion Week Round Up

Firstly, apologies it’s taken me so long to write this post. I went to Bristol Fashion week over a week ago! Hopefully it won’t matter too much as all the clothes are still in the shops and the weather is pissing on our summer parade anyway. I had to wear my coat today. MY COAT.

OK, before I go into a “Where’s my summer I’ve had enough of these tights!” rage, here’s my round up of Bristol Fashion Week…

I’ve not been to a Bristol Fashion Week before. We’ve meant to but things always got in the way but I can tell you it’s totally worth the trip! Do not expect couture – it’s high street but I am poor so this is where my budget lies anyway. And most of all, it’s just a bit of lovely fun and that’s just nice, isn’t it? I’m afraid I was sat in the back row so my pictures are not great but my key take aways from Bristol Fashion Week were:

Floral prints – (SHOCKER) but the prints are big and bold so that’s something to look forward to.

Pastels – (bet you couldn’t of guessed that) but this year it’s less ice cream and more macaroon (I was told this, I have no idea what it means).

Strong floral prints from M&S

Strong floral prints from M&S (or maybe John Lewis sorry forgot to note it down)

Nautical- It wouldn’t be the summer without some sailor action.

I need this nautical swim suit from M&S

I need this nautical swim suit from M&S

Expression– this is a new trend and it’s meant to be influenced from expressionist painters. Imagine standing in a white dress and someone splattering paint at you. Well you’d end up with an expression dress.

Neon– It’s summer, things have got to brighten up a bit. I’ve never been brave enough to rock too much neon in the past, Meg is a neon PRO!

Love this whole range from Bank.

Love this whole range from Bank.

TROPICAL– this is my new favourite word and I love that we’re getting a tropical infusion in our fashion. Think tropical prints, denim short shorts and big colourful prints!

Tropical range from John Lewis

Tropical range from John Lewis

So that’s my very quick Bristol Fashion Week round up. I highly recommend you head on down to the mall for the Autumn/ Winter event.


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