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Pancake Day 101!

Drop everything you’re doing people – it’s only bloody pancake day!!

“We know!” I hear you cry, but somehow I managed to totally forget that today is Shrove Tuesday until approximately an hour ago, when a colleague mentioned how excited she was about having pancakes for tea tonight. And do you know what? That’s exactly what I’m going to do to!

Pancake day in our house normally pans out like this…savoury pancakes for tea, followed by sweet pancakes for pudding. But if you’re currently undecided on how to have your pancakes this evening, and are looking for some pancake-spiration then panic not –  we’ve done the leg work for you!

Here’s our pick of some of our favourite pancake recipes from the wonderful world of Pinterest, compiled into a nice compact blog post for your pancake perving pleasure.

But however you have you pancakes – don’t forget to flip ’em!

The Traditional Option –  Lemon and Sugar

In my opinion, the king of all pancakes – the classic lemon and sugar! This great basic pancake recipe from  BBC Food is foolproof, and will get you started on your journey to ultimate pancake satisfaction.

The ‘Kinda’ Traditional – Bacon and Maple Syrup

pancakes 6

Us Brits just need to suck it up and accept that the Americans are totally on to something here. Thick, floury pancakes…salty, crispy bacon…sweet, sticky maple syrup – it’s a sweet/savoury slice of joy. You can find a great American pancake recipe here.

The healthier option – Whole wheat and banana

pancake 6

You know we love a healthy take on a classic, and these Whole Wheat and Banana pancakes from Ambitious Kitchen look like the kind of healthy treat we need to get in on!

The Fancy Option – Apple, Greek Yogurt and Fig 

pancakes 3

Figs are well fancy, hence why these Apple, Greek Yogurt and Fig babies from make our cut as the fancy option. And just look at mouth is watering!

The Fruity Option – Fluffy berry pancakes

pancakes 4

Another one from here. These mixed berry pancakes look amazing – and pretty substantial at that too. And they’ve got loads of fruit in them too, so you can feel relatively virtuous!

The Savoury option – Chicken, Spinach and Pancetta pancakes


I’m a huge fan of savoury pancakes, and these chicken, spinach and pancetta pancakes from look  like the kind of recipe I’m going to need to give a try, not just for pancake day, but in life!

The Chocoholics Option – Nutella pancakes


Nutella is arguably the food of the gods, right? So if you whisk into pancake batter, you’re in a for a bit of a heavenly treat. This recipe from is one of my personal favourites, and I reckon I’ll definitely be knocking a few of these up this evening.



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