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Words and phrases that we just don’t use enough!

b13fef5a81af01be45867727bfcf254fNow I am certainly no word smith – in fact I am regularly told by my boyfriend “Use your words Colin!” (my nickname is Colin, but thats a witter for another day). I am however a firm believe that some old school sayings, phrases and words just don’t feature enough in everyday life. I think it’s time to bring some of these back from the grave and get them back into circulation full time. The reason to bring them back – because it’s just nice, of course!

A lot of these have been resurrected by the Dream Team, as we generally tend to talk like Nans, but we do often find ourselves discussing sayings (particularly insults) from our past that really aren’t used enough these days. If you have any phrases you want to bring back or yo’re a fan of any of ours, then let us know by leaving us a comment tweeting @Its_Just_Nice or giving us a shout on Facebook! #itsjustnice

Cloe’s picks

“The cats pyjamas” – Used to describe something  ace!

“Sweet fanny adams” –  As in the politer way to say sweet f**k all.

“Tickety-boo” – Everything is going great!

“Mum’s the word” – When you need to keep a secret

“Oh Capital!” – When something is bloody fantastic! This phrase also requires a swinging arm fist movement, think old English gent!

“Pillock” – You have made a hash of a simple task!

“Said no one ever…” Clearly said with a wonderful sarcastic tone I find this very effective. Let me give you some context, “Thank goodness it’s Monday, said no one ever!”

“That’s what she said” – This is guaranteed to make everything anyone saids sound naughty. Its innuendo bingo at its best!

Meg’s picks

“Plonker” – You’re an idiot, but you can also be a plonker!

“Dingus” – Again, you’re an idiot! This can also be elaborated on – my personal favourites are “Dingus Khan” or “Sega Mega Dingus”

“Twonk” – Again, another way to insult someone for being a dip shit!

“Dip shit” – Because I just said it and I like it!

“Sozzled” – When you’ve had just a biiiiiiiit too much vino!

“DUUUUUUH” – This should also be coupled with an action of sticking your tounge under your bottom lip and smacking it with you hand. Used to describe someone being stupid!

“Eggy” – One of my personal favourites (it had nothing to do with being called Eggy Meggy all the way through school). Used to describe someone being in a bad mood.

“Your Mum…” – The original and still the best of all insults. It can be used on it’s own, or can be used to throw an insult straight back at someone e.g “You need to stop being so eggy” “No, your Mum needs to stop being so eggy”

“Spiffing” – Oh, a nice one at last! This, like Cloe’s “Captial” has to be used with just the right amount of English gent, when describing something excellent.

Frankie’s picks

Mine aren’t really “Just Nice” they’re “Just Rude” but people who know me will know I have a potty mouth, in fact…

“Potty mouth” – used to describe someone who’s language is so foul it’s like their mouth it’s squirting green baby poo.

“Nobber” as in “You are a Nobber” or “Oi Nobber” amalgamation of “Nob Head” and “Wanker”

“Mardy” – “I’m well mardy with you” like eggy only…actually I have no idea why we said it or how it got to mean that.

“Beef” – as in “What’s your beef?” “Have you got beef with me?” “Why are you giving me beef?” A term used to replace the word “problem” essentially. Goodness knows why we say this, beef is damn tasty and it should never be used in anger or to describe a negative…


2 comments on “Words and phrases that we just don’t use enough!

  1. willgsrr
    February 27, 2014

    Crapulous? To feel ill because of excessive eating/drinking.
    And a new one Geedunks, another name for junk food.

  2. sridhar
    March 6, 2014

    Interesting observation. thanks for sharing

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