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The Friday Chair Dancer…

eocistchair1I just have to say what a wonderful sunny day it has been! My journey into work this morning was super lush and after being inspired after watching the Brits (I am so cool) I downloaded Lorde’s album which I am totally loving it. I was even doing a little bit of a shoulder chair dance on the bus! The guy sat next to me didn’t really know what to do with himself…

Anyway back to the Brits – I do have to say, apart from James Cordon overdoing it on the trying to be a bit too funny, I thought the Brits was really good this year and did showcase that we are a ruddy cool nation! I mean Discloser are awesome and they are so young! (The Duchess ladies are much cooler than me so might not necessarily agree…) I also thought the live collaborations where well done too – I have a lot of love for Ella Eyre who did actually look like a lion! The only exception to all of this is One Direction… I know that there are lots of people who love them, but I think they are just a bit crap. It is great that they have broken America and all but they just have way to much hype – I dislike…

Anyway, on to the chair dancing!

This week Cloe’s been chair dancing to…

I am of course going with Lorde’s Royals because I am basically a little bit obsessed with it today.

I think it’s an awesome tune to see in the weekend and that she is a very talented young lady indeed. David Bowie is right in saying, ‘she is the voice of tomorrow’. High praise indeed!


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