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What we think is just nice this week…

This week (and last week) I have totally been loving the Winter Olympics! I think because I work part time I have been able to watch quite a lot of it in the afternoons and it’s been ruddy ace! It also has been extremely tense to watch at times and I think I was having heart palpitations while watching the mens snowboard half pipe and the ladies slope style! I mean how can someone physically do that stuff! It’s mental and defies all the rules of gravity!

The only sport I am not so sure on and which is getting ALOT of telly time is the curling… I mean what a random sport to even invent…

Anyway, the nice thing about the whole lot is we may not be that good in the snow, but we are still giving it a go! If you are finding anything Just Nice tweet us @Its_Just_Nice or comment on our Facebook page! #itsjustnice

This week Cloe’s highlight is…

100 Happy Days!

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook which caught my eye. It was one of my friends saying that he had signed up to do 100 Happy Days. I was totally intrigued – and if you know him you will know why. So I clicked though and it’s basically a campaign where you pledge to take and share a happy moment in your day for 100 days row.

It’s purpose is simple. In our hectic (I have no time) lives we rarely get the chance to appreciate the small joys in life and actually living in the moment you are in. The idea is that it will help you make everyday a happy day (or have some happiness in it) because it will make you look around for the small good things in your life.

Picture wise they make it clear it is not a competition – this is not a place to make everything just look fanatic, its actually meant to give you some jolly. This is a challenge just for joy. They give the example of eating a tasty cake! (I’m in!)

There are several ways to sign up and you don’t even need to make it a public thing. If you complete your 100 days… Apparently you get a little happiness book with your 100 happy days! How sweet.

Today is my first day and I have chosen to post via Instagram. If you want to see my pictures and follow my progress you can find me @littleponder . I hope you like todays picture – getting the best seat on the bus is ace!

For all of the details just check out there site –


Day 1 – Best seat on the bus #100happydays

This week Meg’s weekly highlight is…

I’m sure that at some point in the next week or so either myself of Frankie will write up a dedicated post on this, but for now (or until the dust settles and we actually find a minute to stop) I’ll give it a little mention here.

My highlight over the past week has been being part of the team behind Prohibition Bristol – an all singing, all dancing 1920’s extravaganza, incorporating cocktails, cabaret, burlesque, live music and much more!

We hosted our launch event, Prohibition Bristol: The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre at the Milk Thistle last Friday, and in short, it couldn’t really have gone better! I won’t go into too much detail at the moment, as I’ll treat to you to the ins and outs at a later stage, but here’s a few picture highlights to give you a feel for why both Frankie, I and the rest of the team are feeling really rather proud right now!

Prohibition Party Milk Thistle -9

Prohibition Party Milk Thistle -16

Prohibition Party Milk Thistle -51

Prohibition Party Milk Thistle -83

Prohibition Party Milk Thistle -119

Prohibition Party Milk Thistle -122

Prohibition Party Milk Thistle -208

P.s – Big love to the wonderfully talented Virginia from LeShopUK, who took all of these fantastic photos – you can buy her prints online here.

This week Frankie’s highlight is…

Above and Below. Sorry, I’m short on time this week plus Meg really said all that needs to be said about Prohibition and perhaps the only words I need to say about my highlight below are: MAJOR LAZER AND SEAN PAUL. If you know me you’ll know why I don’t have to explain myself. If you don’t, MAJOR LAZER AND SEAN PAUL. That’s epic enough. Oh look, I’ve rambled for far more words that I expected.


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