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The Friday Chair Dancer…

discoHappy bloody Friday folks! It feels like we’ haven’t done the Friday Chair Dancer for aaaaages, so I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say this one is going to be a goodun!

So don’t mess around now – plug those headphones in, and ready…steady…CHAIR DANCE!

Have a wicked weekend everyone!


This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

Tough choice this week – there is simply TOO much good music out there right now.

I have a couple of really strong contenders, but I also have a sneaking suspicion that Frankie and I are highly likely to choose the same track, so I’m going to go for something I don’t think she’ll choose (which means Franks – you’d better choose the one I was thinking of!)

The track I have in my ears right now is Throw It Down, by Dominique Young Unique, and I’m totally obsessed.

Dominique Young Unique has been sneaking her way onto the music scene recently, featuring on DJ Fresh and Diplo’s Earthquake, and more recently featuring on the latest Le Youth track. This track is produced by Benga and DJ Fresh, and it’s nothing short of massive, not that you’d expect anything less from this collaboration. I reckon she’s going to be one to watch for this year, and we obviously love her even more for being a lady representing the girls in a very under-represented genre!

This week Frankie’s chair dancing too…

Exactly what Meg expects, I imagine (although I’m listening to Dizzee as I type and I’m like “Fix up, look  sharp….”) But no. The track that I have been chair dancing to this week is by a rather talented chap called Dornik. He used to be one of Jessie Ware’s drummers and he is now signed to the same record as her, as well as the likes of Disclosure. BIG. IN. THE. GAME.

I think Mista Jam said it best when he said “It’s the record that Prince and Michael Jackson would have made if that ever happened.” Why didn’t that happen? Anyway, it’s glorious! This chap is going somewhere and I want to ride that train with him. His voice is as soft as butter and the beat is shoulder shaking good….

This week Cloe’s been chair dancing to…

This week I am dedicating this Friday Chair Dancer because a great friend of mine is leaving Bristol after a decade and we are all very sad about it… Holly Hambidge I am seriously going to miss you and your very distinctive ways! No one will ever be grabbing my bum as I am trying to get up the stairs like you do!

So, my track this week will always remind me of the fun we have had over the years, be it drinking at the flat (and doing some waxing) or going all out at various Alfresco Disco’s! This tune is an awesome club track that always gets us doing our default*! Holly’s default is often referred to as climbing though the bins or fending off the peasants – hopefully you all have a pretty awesome mental image in your head!

Anyway Holly you will be sorely missed and I hope this track brightens up your last afternoon at work!

*Default – this is the dance that you default to when the music is a bit rubbish so you don’t really know what to do, or our too wasted to care what you look like!


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