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Spicer & Cole, Clifton Village

I love a breakfast out – I know I bang on about this quite a lot, but I really do love it. There’s something very decadent about going out on a Saturday or Sunday morning and doing brunch / breakfast (depends how fancy you want to feel!) I also think I probably go out for more breakfasts / brunches than the average person because I’m not really able to drink, so I rarely have hangovers which makes me annoyingly spritely at the weekend! The other reason is more simple; I think breakfast food is my favourite type of food and should be eaten at every given occasion (except cake, cake always, ALWAYS has the trump card!)

Anyway, a couple of weekends ago when the sun was shining Lawrence and I thought we would go up to the village nice and early, find a coffee shop, grab some breakfast and have a wander around. It all sounds very middle class, but we did have a jolly good time!


Neither of us had been to Spice & Cole before, but from the outside it looked very inviting with a pretty ace looking spread of cakes – clearly it was my choice! The breakfast / brunch menu was pretty standard with a very delicious array of croissants, french toast, bagels, bacon and sausage baps, full English etc. Everything looked lovingly made and beautifully fresh.

Lawrence went for a bacon and sausage bap (a brioche bap, because it’s a bit fancy!) and I went for a cinnamon and raisin bagel with jam and butter. Nice and simple!


My bagel was delish and the jam on the side was clearly homemade, which was a nice touch. None of this out the jar stuff! Lawrence’s bap was also really good and I do have to say that their sausages were very tasty indeed – I, of course, leant over the table before he even had a chance and took out a big bite! I had to do it in order to give a fair review…


We then of course had tea to accompany our breakfast which, was served up in your own little tea pot. I know this is not a new concept at all, but getting your own little tea pot and milk always makes me feel a bit special.


There’s also a wide selection of very tasty looking cakes that are very hard indeed to resist. So hard, in fact, that on the way out I grabbed the most amazing salted caramel and walnut sticky bun! And it tasted as good as it sounds! I think next time I will have to try their cheesecake brownies – they looked awesome!


Overall, Spicer & Cole is a very lovely little cafe that serves up very welcoming, truly lovely food – none of this out of the packet crap that you might find in the big chains! I will certainly be going back (possibly even this Saturday) and I’d highly recommend them as a great place to go and grab a very tasty cafe breakfast – and a cake on the way out if you feel like treating yourself!

Menu details can be found on their site, but they do also have daily specials – Enjoy!


P.S from Meg – Spicer and Cole also have a branch on Welshback, just off the city centre, so even if you’re not based up Clifton way you can get involved. Also – I hear on the grapevine that their Chai Latte’s are some of the best in Bris!


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