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What we think is just nice this week…

January is nearly over – hooray!!! However, that means February is on its way in… Booo… But it’s a short month and then we are on the home straight into Spring time! I have been noticing recently how it is starting to get lighter again in the mornings and evenings and it is surprisingly not as cold as I would expect, which I am certianly not complaing about! There is even a rumour that it might snow tonight! I really hope it does because I bloody love a bit of snow!

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This week Cloe’s highlight is…

It's a pretty rubbish picture because I had scoffed the cookies before taking a picture...

It’s a pretty rubbish picture because I had scoffed the cookies before taking a picture…

Meg’s AMAZING avocado chocolate cookies!!!

The wonderful Meg Pope has been at it again – baking that is! She very kindly baked (mainly me) a massive batch of her wonderful avocado chocolate cookies last night and brought them into work this morning! Now, I have heard great things about these however, if I am truthful, I was slightly sceptical that avocado was really going to work as a cookie… It doesn’t seem quiet right. But how wrong was I!!! These monster cookies where incredible – so rich, fudgey and basically everything  you want in an amazing monster cookie! They certainly where not what I was expecting when it came to avocado. They where even so good I managed to scoff 3… It should have only been 2 and the 3rd was for my boyfriend, but it didn’t quite make the long journey home and somehow ended up in my tummy… Oppps!

Anyway I am very much hoping that she will blog it for us but in the meantime you can get the original recipe from the very lovely Londoner blog which does provide lots of inspiration to us!

Also – be warned… Meg has vowed to feed me more of her amazing baked goods so her cooking could fast become my regular highlight!

This week Frankie’s highlight is…

I’VE STILL NOT HAD ONE OF THESE COOKIES! Sorry, but Cloe and Meg work together and I work for a different agency so I don’t get to enjoy Meg’s baked goods, my building is just across the rode though so you would have thought she would have delivered some to me!

My weekly highlight is also food based! I have today been introduced to two new wonderful taste sensations. Hold onto your hats because these blew my tiny mind clean away.

1. Honey AND salt in porridge– it’s like slated caramel, which is lush. Warning, this makes porridge taste so good you may never eat toast again, I’m also not sure how healthy is is but who cares!

2. Peanut butter apples- I love apples, I eat several a day. I love the crunch followed by the juice, with the sweet hinted with the sour. To me the perfect apple is perfection itself. I LOVE APPLES. But throw some peanut butter on that bad boy and you’ve gone next level. I’ll still want my regular apple snack but this gives you a much needed sweet kick in the afternoon and you can get some very nice sugar free peanut butter so you don’t have to worry too much about what your shoving in your mouth.

Both these tips were supplied to me by the same woman at work, I am now planning to always follow her to the kitchen for more food tips.


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