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1920’S Style for Prohibition Bristol

On the 14th of February something very exciting is happening. Something that does not involve paying over the odds for a shit meal in a crappy “restaurant” surrounded by couples. And no, before you say it, I am not bitter and single, I’m very happy and coupled – I just hate Valentine’s day. I don’t think anyone should be given an excuse to only shower their loved one with affection on one day of the year, it should be a daily event (I’m not high maintenance – I just have very high standards)

What I do love is getting dressed up, drinking cocktails, dancing to great music and watching gorgeous woman taking their clothes off! Luckily I am being  provided with all this from Prohibition Bristol’s first event, The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. This event is going to be an extravagant 1920’s party in Bristol’s best speak easy, The Milk Thistle, featuring a host of amazing cabaret and burlesque acts,  lashings of divine cocktails, sumptuous canapés,  great live music and DJs and awesome company- if I do say so myself (Meg and I are two of the organisers and Duchess will be DJing. Fingers. Pie).

Now, an event like this requires a pretty amazing outfit! I currently don’t have anything that fits the 20’s style in my wardrobe. I love it, it’s timeless and wonderful but my shape doesn’t really suit the androgynous vibe. I tend to stick to the 40’s and 50’s or the 90’s so I can get my midriff out- even in the winter! So I’ve been having a mooch around Bristol and on-line to try and find the best places to find my perfect 1920’s outfit for Prohibition Bristol and here are just a few choice place.

The Perfect 20’s Dress

On a budget

Get yourself on ebay where you can pick up a dress like this for about £20 (sometimes cheaper) some of them are better than others and if you’re going for something like this you’re going to want some good accessories to style it up.flapper cheap

Mid range

If you want to be the cat’s meow then the best place I have found for 20s dresses is Naff clothing  They have a new range of flapper dresses and they are nothing short of stunning! They are reproduction but far more authentic than anything else I have seen. They will hire you a dress with gloves and a headpiece for £50. Now, seems like a lot but to buy these dresses new will cost you £200 and you can see why because the beading on them is incredible. I am seriously considering this option (minus the fox)!

naff dress


Miss Selfridge are currently stocking some fabulous flapper dresses but they are about £200- you do get to keep the dress forever though and they are lovely.


The Perfect 20’s Accessories

Dress sorted, awesome! Now you need to go to town on your accessories. If, like me, you have short hair  you’re already off to a good start, slick that bad boy down and give yourself a finger wave and dress the whole thing up with a nice head piece. There are loads of great accessories out there so if you’ve gone budget on your dress you can go a bit more crazy here so you stand out from the crowd.


We’re back on ebay! My sister just sent me this and at the moment it’s only £0.99. I’m sure it will go up but this is definitely where you want to go. Or just make something yourself?


Mid Range

Asos have some lovely flapper accessories at the moment, this jewl headband is my personal fav.

asos head


It’s time to take yourself to the Arcade in Clifton, darling! I went with my Gran on Saturday and the stuff was AMAZING but very expensive. If money is no problem go here. I can’t afford any of this stuff but it has inspired me to make some of my own accessories- follow up post coming soon.head jewlsskull 1skull 2

I have also been reliable informed that both Primark and Accessorize have a wealth of 20’s accessories for you, so go check them out! Here’s a snap Meg took for me of the stuff on offer at Accessorize.



Um, sorry I kind of forgot to look out for anything for you. St Nicks do amazing hats….

mens hats

If you’re going to Prohibition Bristol’s event then see you there! It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to see everyone dressed up in their glad rags. If you find some good places to get your 20’s clobber please share them in the comments.


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  1. kay
    June 5, 2015

    where is your shop need to come asap please

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