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Sunday lunch at Brace & Browns

You can’t beat a roast on a Sunday. It’s a British institution and I’m whole heartedly a roast fan – I mean, who isn’t?! Anyway, after our fabulous walk on Sunday (read the post here) we thought what better way to top off such a lovely morning than with a nice big Sunday lunch!

Brace & Browns has been on my hit list for some time now, and I have only ever heard good things. With it just around the corner from us we took the opportunity to check it out. We did call ahead to book and I’m glad we did because they were packed.

Brace & Browns is usually known for doing tapas – not the Spanish type tapas, but English tapas like mini fish and chips! It’s also known for doing a cracking roast and I can safely report it did not disappoint!


The choice of meat was sirloin steak, leg of lamb or roast pork belly. The veggie option was a homemade nut roast. Lawrence went for the pork, a bit of a weak spot for him, and I went for the nut roast (I am one of those weirdos who doesn’t eat red meat, but is totally in to eating some pork, lots of poultry and pretty much any fish)! All roasts are served with roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips and sweet potato, parsnip crisps, cabbage and mange tout (in the most amazing basil oil), smoked cheesy broccoli, a nice big crispy Yorkshire and a very generous jug of gravy!


The roasts themselves come out on wooden boards, so you get served a hot plate first and then the main event is brought out to you and revealed. Usually boards are combined and you share with your table but because I had the veggie version Lawrence and I got our own boards – we felt special! After having a chat with the manger about this, he explained they have massive boards where they can server up to 4 people – that is a big board full of roast stuff! Nobody loses out and its nice because everyone can just get stuck in! Social eating!


So down to business – the food! Our food was really delicious! For me it was an excellent roast dinner! Lawrence had a good amount of meat which was very lovely and tender – I think sometimes when you get a roast the meat can be a bit dry, but not at Brace & Browns. My nut roast was quiet modest in size, but it was full of flavour. Our roast potatoes where almost perfect – soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, however I did get one slightly burnt one. The smokey cheese broccoli was lovely and rich and I think I now have a little obsession with the cabbage and mange tout! I never been fussed either way over cabbage, but this cabbage was worth the visit alone. That may sound extreme but I can assure you it was very tasty indeed (I am a fan). To top it all off were our mini gravy boats, filled with lovely rich gravy – none of this watery weak stuff, this is how proper gravy should be done. Full of flavour!


My gorgeous roast dinner was washed down with a very tasty Australia Shiraz – I am no wine buff, in fact I don’t really drink, but it seemed to top it all off for me! An almost perfect Sunday!


The last thing I love about Brace & Browns, apart from the cabbage of course, is the place itself. It’s very nice and cosy and a great place to hibernate in winter. Your table is lit by a candlelight, always romantic, and the whole place is full of little knick-knacks. This gives it an almost familiar and homely feel. The staff too, are very welcoming, nice and jolly and just generally seem like a laugh!

Overall this is a roast defiantly worth checking out and I don’t think it will be too long until I am back in there!



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